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SE Metcalf/159th Development:
OP Opposes; Developer Questions County Neutrality; Prelim Traffic Study

May 10, 2002

The following exchange of letters among Johnson County, the City of Overland Park, and the applicant for a proposed development near the SE Corner of 159th and Metcalf in Johnson County, KS, lay out what the County expects the applicant to provide, a preliminary response from the applicant, and reaction to that response from the County and the City. The hearing before the Oxford Township Zoning Board is now scheduled for June 20 to allow the applicant time to prepare necessary studies.

The documents have been copied, scanned, translated using Optical Character Recognition, and converted to web format. Hence, typographical, grammatical, or formatting errors may have been introduced.

In addition, NeighborhoodNet has added red highlighting to particularly interesting passages in the documents.

The five documents in chronological order are:

  1. Overland Park Input On Rezoning:
    • Bluntly opposes project
    • Suggests there is an intention to develop the next huge parcel (locally referred to as the Turner farm)
    • Says project shows no rationale for violating the Blue Valley Plan, which calls for residential development on the lot
    • Design would require an 8 foot wall along Metcalf

  2. Johnson County Requests Traffic Study/Provides Scope of Work with 6 Requirements including:
    • Asks for peak hour counts at 7 intersections
    • Asks for comparison between Blue Valley Plan residential traffic and proposed commercial
    • Points out problems with the preliminary plan

  3. Developer's Response to County Requests
    • Complains about delay caused by County
    • Suggests County is biased against the development and asks County to keep open mind

  4. Johnson County Initial Comments On Re-Zoning and Preliminary Plan - 5 pages of questions, comments and requests including:
    • Request for noise study
    • County will hire an independent traffic consultant at Developer's expense to review traffic study
    • Request for Corps of Engineer's permitting

  5. Preliminary Traffic Study Results From Applicant
    • Compares high density apartment traffic, not transition residential lots, to commercial generated traffic to get best possible comparison
    • Takes traffic counts once again on late school arrival day

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