50-Dog Kennel Proposed Across From Oakmont on Highway 12

Please oppose this kennel:
Ask Sonoma Board of Zoning Adjustments to deny a "Use Permit" for this project.

What is being proposed?

Application Number, for Sonoma County: PLP11-0042
Applicant/owner, Heidi Niemann
The Meadows Kennel
6445 Highway 12, Santa Rosa
[See location, plan drawing, and nearby residences]

Proposal: Applicant seeks to expand the current limit of 10 dogs for week-day daycare only, to a 50-dog full service kennel for overnight boarding and daycare, open 7 days a week. Training and grooming would also be provided. 37 dog runs would be built for a new 1,496 square foot kennel. The kennel would be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to allow for pick-up and drop-off. There would be up to 5 full time staff members and 3 part-time staff when in full operation. Please see the Staff Report dated March 15, 2012 below for a full overview of this project.

What Is The Present Status of This Project?

Awaiting a second hearing before the Sonoma County Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)--no definite time yet, possibly around April or May. If they approve this "Use Permit" for 50 dogs, it could be appealed to the full Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for a final decision.

The applicant has stated that her revised plans will show an increase from 10 to 35 dogs, rather than from 10 to 50 dogs.

On March 15, 2012. First hearing for this project before the BZA. BZA voted 5-0 to continue this item with no action taken. Melinda Grosch, County Planner, assigned to this project.

Right now, the staff is recommending approval of this project, subject to mitigation (lessening) of negative impacts: main problem, noise of dogs barking. We believe that mitigation measures will not work and will not be enforceable.

What Are The Issues? Why Should You Care?

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What You Can Do To Oppose This Project:

  • Contact the people who will be deciding this issue. Here they are.
  • Get in contact with neighbors concerned about this issue.

Project Documents

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Updated April 9, 2012

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