Sierra Backpacking Trip
September 14 - 22, 2007

[Lost Camera Plea]
Bob, David, and Chris
Backpacking, Hitchhiking, San Francisco Visit to Marian and Rob
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Chris, Bob, and David
Above 1000 Island Lake On Trail To Island Pass, Banner Peak in Background
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First Morning - Chris and David
Yosemite Curry Village Tent

Last Backpack Morning- Chris and David
Yosemite Tuolomne Meadows

Third Day - Chris and David
Climbing North Glacier Pass

David and Bob
Brief Rest, Still A Lot Of Boulders To Climb

Catherine Lake and Banner Peak Glacier
From The Top Of North Glacier Pass

The Top Of North Glacier Pass
Our Highest Elevation - 11,155 feet

Our Morgan Moments - Another High Point Of The Trip

Evening At Island Pass
Clear, But Cold And Windy

Fourth Day - Morning At Island Pass
Storm Clouds Forewarn Of Hail and Snow To Come

Bob and David On Trail to Donohue Pass

We Reach Donohue Pass
Our Second Highest Elevation - 11,040 ft

On Trail Down From Donohue Pass
Bob Thought He Saw Tuolomne Meadows Below

Four Miles Later
Bob Finds He Was Mistaken

Bob and David Hiking In Meadow Near The Lyell Fork of The Merced River. We camped near the Ranger Station.
Next morning Wilderness Center warned us of more snow, so we decided to hitchhike out.

Canda And Thilo Give Us A Ride
They Are Wonderful & World Travelers, Visit Their Website

Canda and Thilo's VW Van
Loading 3 Hitchhikers' Backpacks

Our Second Hitchhike Takes Us Right To Our Parking Lot In Yosemite Valley
After Stopping For A Great View Of Half Dome - People Are So Nice!

Our 4 Day, 35 Mile Backpacking Route in Inyo National Forest and Yosemite National Park
With Bonus Trip To San Francisco To Visit Marian and Rob

Lost Camera Plea
If anyone should happen to find a Canon Powershot SD800IS Digital ELPH near Garnet Lake, I sure would love to hear from you. I lost it when I was following the blue line on the above map, somewhere near Garnet Lake. My email address is I was heading along the lake to the pass that separates Thousand Island from Garnet, after having just come cross country from Thousand Island. I am sure the camera was covered with snow until the Spring of 2008. It was in a case with an extra battery and memory card. The camera had many images of my son, his friend, and me both in Yosemite and along these trails.

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Stilwell, KS
September, 2007

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