South Warner Wilderness Backpacking Trip
September 20 - October 2, 2017

Bob and Reenie: 12 Nights, 12 Days, 20 Miles Backpacking, 35 Miles Day Hiking, Total Uphill Hiking/Backpacking: +11,800'

See Favorite Photos/Videos, Day by Day Narrative and Photos, Equipment Comments, Route and Elevation Profile

Favorite Photos/Videos

For any of the following Favorite photos, click on the image to bring up the full resolution version. Day by day photos and narrative follow these. The first photo is taken at Patterson Lake with Warren Peak in the background (the high point just to the right of the notch on the far left of the ridge). Next are photos of each of us as we approached the top of Warren Peak. Then there are two more photos of Patterson Lake, followed by a view of some of the nearby wilderness. And after that see Reenie climbing down the rocks just behind Warren Peak.

Video suggestion: All videos shown below are very short and HD (1080p). I find best YouTube settings (for all but the few with Bob, Reenie, or animals) are HD (1080p), slow motion (0.25 or 0.50), and full screen. Actually, watching Bob and Reenie in slo mo can be amusing.

Highlights/Memorable Events

Day 1, Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Drove to Pine Creek Trailhead in the South Warner Wilderness within the Modoc National Forest in far northeast California. Stopped at a very nice vista point along the way. No backpacking.

Dinner: Subway all-veggie sandwiches.


Day 2, Thursday, September 21

Backpacked ~3 Miles from Pine Creek Trailhead to Pine Creek Basin. (Net gain ~645'; total uphill 724')
Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Reenie's curry vegetable with chicken over rice. Very good


Day 3, Friday, September 22

Day hiked in the Pine Creek Basin area (net gain 0': total uphill 1,240')
Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: salmon, cheese, Triscuits, other sesame crackers, figs, blueberries


Day 4, Saturday, September 23

Day hiked about 6 miles down to the Pine Creek Trailhead and back in order to drive into town. (net gain 0': Total uphill: 757') Elevation Profile (understates distance):



Day 5, Sunday, September 24

Backpacked about 4 miles from Pine Creek basin to junction with Summit Trail. (net gain 1400': Total uphill 1,400') Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Pre-packaged Pad Thai meal to which we simply added heated water. Didn't taste very good.


Day 6, Monday, September 25

Backpacked about 3 miles to Patterson Lake (net elevation gain = 57'; total uphill 563'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Rehydrated Madras lentils with spinach, pineapple chunks, rice, & sunflower seeds. Really good.

Today's video


Day 7, Tuesday, September 26

Day hiked about 7 miles along Summit Ridge and Upper Cottonwood Trails to a canyon ridge across from Squaw Peak overlooking Cottonwood Basin (net elevation gain = 0'; total uphill 2,343'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Rice pilaf with spinach, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, chili powder, on top were Marsala (veggie) burgers

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Day 8, Wednesday, September 27

Day hiked about 5 miles along Summit Trail to a canyon ridge below Squaw Peak (net elevation gain = 0'; total uphill 1,165'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Jaipur vegetables (Trader Joes) with rehydrated green beans, pinto beans, rice, red bell pepper, pineapple, along with cashews. Outstanding, 5 star meal

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Day 9, Thursday, September 28

Day hiked about 3.5 miles to the top of Warrren Peak and around to our camp. (net elevation gain = 0'; total uphill 1,165'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Spanish rice, black beans & corn, tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper, chili seasoning (fajita seasoning).

Today's video:


Day 10, Friday, September 29

Day hiked about 7 miles south and back to a small peak on the Summit trail. (net elevation gain = 0'; total uphill 1,920'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Couscous w garlic; tomatoes, red & yellow peppers, green beans, Japanese eggplant, onion, fajita seasoning, pinto beans


Day 11, Saturday, September 30

Backpacked about 10 miles back to the Pine Creek Trailhead, then drove the car to Mill Creek Campground. (net elevation gain = -2,165'; total uphill 541'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner: Cheese and salmon

Today's videos:

As a measure of how well Bob and Reenie are getting along and how accepting Reenie is of Bob's suggestions, Reenie re-arranges her gloves in her backpack.


Day 12, Sunday, October 1

Day hiked about 3 miles around Clear Lake with a short side trip to waterfalls. (net elevation gain = 0'; total uphill 550'). Elevation Profile (understates distance):

Dinner:Backpackers Pantry Kathmandu Curry with added sweet potatos, chili pepper. Dinner was ok but not great. Threw some of it away. Today's video:


Day 13, Monday, October 2

Drove home, finishing up a wonderful trip and adventure.


Equipment Comments

Route Map and Elevation Profile

The map below shows our backpacking and dayhiking routes. Backpacking is a solid yellow line, dayhiking is in dotted yellow. Click on map image to get a wider area version.

The elevation profile below the map shows in feet the elevations of the backpacking route (it does not show day hike elevations). The distances shown on the profile seriously underestimates the actual trail distances. The profile does give a good idea of the climbing involved, however.

Photos and narrative were contributed by both of us: Reenie and Bob
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