Hike In Jenner Headlands Preserve
Sonoma County, California - May 16, 2023
Reenie and Bob

Hi Bob,

What a great hike!!! Another 'classic'! A cool, foggy day, lots of wildflowers, and a GOPHER! not to mention Bob on his knees trying to feed the gopher who was much too busy to be distracted by peanuts. Another great animal saga is added to the growing list!

Thanks so much for a hike on the "big Jenner hill". It's a great way to get in shape and always such a beautiful hike. And as usual, fun to be with you in the outdoors. I'm grateful for the hike!


Today's hike... in full sunshine! Just a reminder after our foggy hike (which I liked) that the vista is spectacular!

Thanks again for today, Reenie

Hi Reenie, Thank you for the pics and it was a fun day, with fog as we climbed up, then sun at the top, then fog as we climbed down. Perfect hiking weather. Here are several pics I took, including of course, one of the gopher and two of the crow who stood on the pole right in front of us about 10 or 15 feet before flying off.

Here is a link to video of the gopher working on his house:

Gopher digging hole


P.S. I have reduced the size of the pics so I can email them. If there are any you would like the full size/full resolution version of just tell me.

The 7th (9550) and 8th (9552) pics were taken from the same spot, first looking towards where we were headed back (fogged in) and then the second looking backwards the other way to the bright sunny day we had enjoyed in the forest.

The 5th pic (9543) shows the crow in flight just after leaving the post on which had been standing right in front of us.

Photos and narrative were contributed by Reenie and Bob
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