Hike along the Sea to Sky Trail
Jenner Headlands Preserve, Sonoma County, California - October 17, 2023
Reenie and Bob
4 miles, 846' elevation gain

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Video of cows running

We started the hike in the fog which was thick enough in the parking lot to almost hide the cars on Hwy 1, off which we had just come.

The fog extended up Jenner Headlands for a bit, but we soon got above it and hiked the steep path up the Preserve. As is often the case in these preserves, we soon encountered a lot of cows, several on the path and some not willing to get off the path. Bob of course spoke with several of the cows, but they were not attentive.

The path, as always, contained entrances to many gopher holes, but unlike on some previous hikes, no gophers ever showed themselves. Now that we were above the fog we were in a sunny day, the sky cloudless. We were both sweating as we climbed. There was a slight breeze, but we were walking in its direction. So we looked forward to getting into the shade of the woods at the top of the 846' climb. Once in the woods, the shade provided a perfect temperature.

There were the remains of a dirt road in the woods, though it was occasionally covered with branches. We saw a flock of turkeys, but they left us alone. We found a nice picnic spot, where we ate sandwiches Reenie had prepared, along with cashews Bob shared. We then began our return hike, having to climb over a gate as we had when we entered the forest.

As we headed back down we of course saw cows and got nice views of the fog over the ocean. The fog had begun to lift a little bit, giving glimpses of the ocean and shoreline.

In order to save a bit of time. as we hiked down we found and followed a dirt road that led more directly down. In the picture below the red, straight arrows indicate the direction we were following (the green is the actual standard path), and the red wavy line is the path of the dirt road we followed as we came back.

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