Bodega Head
Sonoma County, California - August 13, 2023
Shirley and Bob

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We left for Bodega Bay in the morning before 9 AM. The drive out was nice and as always with very pretty scenery. There was some fog in the air as there would be at the shore, but as the morning went on it moved further out to sea.

Of course we stopped at Spud Point Crab Company to buy a few of the best crab sandwiches in the world. We headed to Bodega Head, but as we drove along the bay we suddenly saw a huge flock of birds, hundreds at least, take off, fly around a bit, then return to the sand bar where they had been resting. We pulled over and took pictures of them.

Once we arrived at Bodega Head we found a parking space with a good view of the ocean and shore, got out and took many pictures, then got back in the car and ate the crab sandwiches. Perfect!

After eating, we first walked up to the lookout at the end of the parking lot, took some pictures, took some pictures of a family who then took pictures of us (see pic at top of page). Then we hiked on the Bodega Head trail out to the lighthouse and back, so around 2 miles. We saw many birds including pelicans who flew close to us, sea gulls, including a young one chasing its mother around and begging for food, cormorants, and others.

As we got near the light house we could see, and clearly hear, the sea lions out on a nearby island. If you turn up the sound on this video you can hear them.

As we walked along the trail we saw pretty flowers, some with a bee on them.

After the hiking we drove back to Bodega Bay and visited the Tides Wharf where we got to see a large Sea Lion calmly sitting on a pier just below the deck. A fun end to a very fun day.

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