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Bob (Robert Ellsworth) Phillips maintains this website. It provides links to other genealogical web pages created either by me or by relatives I have contacted since I began looking into my family's genealogy.

I particularly like the excerpt from the Civil War era diary of a Confederate ancestor and the letter by the Union son of another ancestor.

If you have additional information on either the Phillips or Eggleston ancestral line, please feel free to contact me at I will be more than happy to link to additional web pages.

It turns out the Phillips' and Eggleston's are a wide ranging bunch who historically like to publish information on themselves. I continue in the tradition. I am presently in Kansas. I have been so far (March, 2002) in contact with distant relatives in Washington (state), Virginia, New Hampshire, California, Tennessee, Illinois, and British Columbia.

Source Material

The vast majority of material on the web pages I have created is based on research done by my father on the Phillips' side and my mother, Eleanor Craig Eggleston, on the Eggleston side. Both of them have been meticulous in their research and I have considerable confidence in what they have done. (I have less confidence in my transcription, however, so reader beware). At one point my father visited numerous court houses and archives on the United States eastern seaboard collecting genealogical records.

My mother wrote her master's thesis in history based on the unpublished diary of Joseph William Eggleston: "From Hoosier Schoolboy to Johnny Reb Utilizing the Autobiography of Joseph William Eggleston" by Eleanor Eggleston Phillips. Florida State University, 1996. My Mom, who passed away in 2000, was 75 years old when she wrote the thesis. It is fascinating and contains much genealogical material. It includes some great stories and perhaps some day will be published as a Civil War buff once urged me to do.

Direct Ancestry

My direct line of Phillips ancestors is: Robert Ferguson, Robert Ellsworth, Ellsworth Washington, Washington, Reuben, Gideon, Joshua, James, Michael, and (possibly) John, William, John (born in 1539 in Northam (south of Simon), Devonshire, England . We have so far been unable to definitively jump the Atlantic from Michael Phillips to John, but Jim Weber provides some documenation supporting the conjectured lineage.

My mother's direct line of Eggleston ancestors is: Marion Richard, Joseph William, Joseph Cary, and Edward.

The farthest we have so far taken any direct line is to William Branch, married to Catherine Jennings. They lived in the 1500's in England. This information came about simply because we link to President Jefferson's grandfather on the Eggleston side, which then opens up the Jefferson ancestry.

Links To My Genealogy Web Pages

Genealogical Tree All relatives I have so far located. Note directions at bottom of tree to see ancestors not immediately displayed.
Ancestral Photos This is my own immediate family web page and now includes photos back to 1850's. I have a ton more to put up. Click on a thumbnail photo to see the larger version.
Reuben Phillips Photo & Link Page This page is a joint effort of the families of Reuben's descendents that provides photos and links of Reuben and his descendents.
Letter: Minot Phillips A Civil War era letter written from encampment to Minot's brother and sister. Minot is a son of Reuben Phillips, one of my direct ancestors. This page also lists brief Civil War info on others of Reuben's sons.
Diary: Joseph Eggleston Excerpt from a Civil War diary of Joseph William Eggleston at the Battle Of Pocotaligo, S.C. in 1862, in which he is knocked over by the wind from a passing cannon ball. From copyrighed thesis of Eleanor Eggleston Phillips.

Links To Other Phillips Genealogical Web Sites

Genealogical Charts For Thousands Of Ancestors Jim Weber of southern California has put in an awesome effort to create this ancestry tree. This link opens on Reuben Phillips, but it goes in all directions from there.
Phillips Family Documents Some great biographical sketches maintained by the northern branch of the Phillips line.
Phillips Family Reunion Links to Canadian Phillips reunion and ancestral documentation

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