Yosemite Backpacking Trip
July 22 - July 30, 2003

Bob, Shirley, David, and Brad
6 Nights, 7 Days, 60 miles
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Panorama From Glacier Point
Famous Half Dome Is At Center Left; Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls In Center (which we hiked down last day)


Brad and David

David & Brad Meet The Bear

Shirley Hiking Toward Red Devil Lake

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Starting Out At Glacier Point

Top Of Red Peak Pass - 4 Days Later
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Photographer Makes It To Pass

And Climbs Rocks With Brad & David

Lower Ottaway Lake

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Leaving Lower Ottaway Lake

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Dressed For Mosquitos
Red Devil Lake

Sore Feet, Cold Water
Pumping Water At The Merced River

Brad "Chillin" At The Merced

This Creek Had Stepping Stones
The Next Did Not

Our Trail Route

Elevations Along Trail
(Distance Ignores Trail Switchbacks, etc)

Special Bonus: 3 Silent QuickTime Mini-Movies (Double Click on Title):

  1. Shirley begins ascent of Red Peak Pass
  2. David takes Shirley's pack on final leg of Pass (child labor laws do not apply to cross country runners)
  3. David and Brad heading down to Yosemite Valley on last morning

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