Tanzania: Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti
Feb 21 - Mar 9, 2013

Bob, Alan, Mike, with much assistance from Andrew, Loshie, Anthon, Harrison, John, Kreti, Frank, Isaya, Nasib, and many more

[Bob dedicates this website to his sister Meg, who died a year earlier on Feb 29, 2012. In her final days she said to Bob how much she wished she had not put off going to so many places she would have liked to visit. She told Bob that the sister of a good friend was actually in Africa climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro. Bob took her words to heart and decided to actually go to Africa, where he had never been, and hike up Kilimanjaro. On the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro Bob scattered Meg's ashes. By going on this adventure, Bob met Alan, and not only did they summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, in years following they had many adventures together: trekking in the Himalayas, hiking and horseback riding in Mongolia, hiking in Japan, boating/camping through the Amazon rain forest in Ecuador, backpacking in the Grand Canyon, backpacking in Catalina Island and more.]

Ngorongoro Conservation Area: 7 Lions Take Down Cape Buffalo

Following are dramatic videos of the lions taking down the buffalo [Click on time to see video]:

  • 9:30 AM - The buddy moves far enough away so the lions attack. The buddy returns and chases them off.
  • 9:50 AM - Lions bring down buffalo, buddy does not return [most popular video, over 3,442,000 views]
  • 10:10 AM - Buffalo manages to get up, in spite of feeding lions

Over the course of more than 3 hours, 7 lions - 4 lionesses and 3 young males - took down and began eating a Cape buffalo. We arrived around 8:30 AM, when the buffalo was already injured and limping. The buffalo had a buddy who tried vainly to come to the rescue. I was unaware lions began eating their prey before the prey died.

Kilimanjaro: Alan and Bob reach Uhuru Summit. Andrew (Lead guide, left, 2nd photo) and Loshie (Assistant Guide, right) make that possible. At 19,340 feet elevation this is the tallest hikable mountain in the world and the tallest mountain in Africa.

Arusha: John guides Bob and Alan around Arusha. Shops are visited, souvenirs are bought, and Alan negotiates prices. Here is a fun video of Alan negotiating for fabric for wife Clar.

Bob, John, Alan at beginning of Arusha tour guided by John

Serengeti: Harrison was guide and driver for the safari through Serengeti, as he was for the safari through Ngorongoro Conservation Area. He did a fabulous job of finding and identifying all sorts of wild animals and plants in such a beautiful setting.

Harrison - our safari guide and driver

Lion Filled Sausage Tree. Video of lion falling out of sausage tree.

Just before the fall

The following pages include many more photos and videos of the Kilimanjaro Trek and the Safari:
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Tanzania Diary 2: Arusha, Mar 4, 2013 [Maasai Market - great place for souvenirs; streets of the city; buying fabrics, etc]
Tanzania Diary 3: Safari to Ngorongoro Crater, Mar 5 - Mar 6, 2013 [unbelievable number of animals, wonderful scenery]
Tanzania Diary 4: Safari to Serengeti, Mar 7 - Mar 9, 2013 [yet more animals and beautiful scenery completely different from Ngorongoro]
Background/Opinions: Here are some thoughts I have about doing such an adventure - using Thomson Safaris, hotels and accommodations, souvenirs, getting in shape, etc.

Here are all of the adventures Alan and Bob have taken together

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