Oregon California Trip, April, 2013
Ashland, Rogue River, Table Rock, Oroville Table Mountain
Bob & Shirley

Ashland Window

We began our trip by driving from Santa Rosa to Medford, Oregon, where we had reserved a motel room. However, the first thing we did the next morning was drive south to Ashland, where we spent a while walking through the very pretty Lithia city park, pictured below. Then we walked the streets of Ashland, looking for art galleries. We came across a grouping of such studios, one of which faced toward a creek and had the "window" that caught our eye. See above.

Lithia Park in Ashland Oregon, with a beautiful stream (below) flowing through it

Upper Table Rock

Beaver in display case at hatchery. I just liked it. Made me think of a certain brother-in-law.

Cole M. Rivers Hatchery, Oregon. Here is a short video of a fish feeding frenzy as we dropped fish food into a pond.

Rogue River Gorge and here's the video

Mill Creek Falls: the video

Turnouts as we drove along the Rogue River: the video

The following photos were taken in a park-like area near Oroville, CA, which is famous for its wild spring flowers. There are acres and acres of wildflowers. There are also cows roaming freely, but they seemed used to human interlopers. We extended our trip for a day just so we would have time to enjoy this place. Well worth it.

On our last day, as we were driving into Lake County, we saw spectacular rainbows. One of them actually came down between a farm house and a hill behind the farm. First time I have seen a rainbow come right down like that and so near. I could not persuade my wife, however, to stop to get the pot of gold. Although we did not get a photo of that rainbow, below is one we did photograph.

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