Kyle and Amanda Visit Bob and Shirley
Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, Ca. - October, 2011

Kyle and Amanda on Salmon Creek Beach, just north of Bodega Bay

On the afternoon Kyle and Amanda arrived, we all went to the Ledson Winery Castle, then on to the Kunde Winery.

Behind the Ledson Castle. Next stop: Kunde Winery. Kunde had a demonstration grape arbor with signs identifying the grape varieties. We all sampled the various grapes. It was wonderful.

At the Kunde Winery in the demonstration grape garden and the barrel filled cellars

The next morning, we headed to Bodega Bay, but first a quick stop to visit with llamas and donkeys. Note the sunshine. We left that behind in going to the coast, but found it again coming back to the inland wineries along the Russian River.

Here we are at a wharf at Bodega Bay where we could watch sea lions swimming nearby. The next dock over has fishing boats that the sea lions have come to know provide food. The seagulls have come to know that tourists on the wharf will feed them, as Kyle is doing with some bread crumbs.

After visiting Bodega Bay, we went to the Bodega Headlands. We had hoped to stop at Spud Point Cafe for their wonderful clam chowder and crabs, but it was closed that week.

Amanda was the only one brave enough to wade in the cold surf. The rest of us watched out for rogue waves ;-).

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