Yosemite Backpacking Trip
August 9 - 18, 2021

Bob and Jennifer: 9 Nights, 10 Days, 27 Miles Backpacking, 30 Miles Day Hiking

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Ostrander Lake trailhead

Near Chilnualna Falls trailhead

The following two maps show our trail backpacking, but do not show the cross country backpacking we did from Ostrander Lake to Hart Lakes to the Buena Vista Lake trail, nor our cross country day hiking from Buena Vista Lake to Horse Ridge where we looked down on Ostrander, Hart and Edson Lakes.

Our first day trail hike

Our last two days trail (mostly) hike

Day 1, Monday, August 9, 2021

Bob drove from Santa Rosa to Jennifer's home in Oakland, then we drove to Wawona trailhead parking lot where we left Bob's car, then drove to Yosemite Valley Backpackers campground. where we camped for the night. The campground was quite full. On the drive through Yosemite we saw lots of burned forest.

Day 2, Tuesday, August 10

Backpacked 6.2 miles (if you trust the trail sign) or 5.5 miles (if you trust the Google Maps estimate)

Backpacked to Ostrander Lake from the trailhead. For the first part there were so many flowers, grasses and other greenery. Then we came upon the burnt forest. As we approached the lake we got scenic views, including those of Half Dome. At the lake itself there was a ski lodge, closed of course at this time of year. We set up camp, but did not take into account sufficiently a warning we had heard about crows. The crows apparently are used to backpackers and took the first opportunity to go through Jennifer's pack and remove various items, even pecking open a metalic bag of insect repellent. There also were other people, including one who was swimming and a campsite with a hammock hanging between two trees.

Dinner: Asian sauce, rice, vegetable and tuna stew

Day 3, Thursday, August 11

Hiked ~8 miles

Hiked to Hart Lakes (next three pics), went around them, ate lunch, then hiked back to Ostrander Lake.

Dinner: Tika Massala over rice, garbonzo beans, peas

Day 4, Thursday, August 12

Backpacked 3 miles
Hiked 2 miles
Video: Birds over Hart Lake

Backpacked from Ostrander to Hart Lake, set up camp, hiked part way to Buena Vista Trail, discovered there was a better way to go that we would hike tomorrow for backpack in two days.

Ostrander Lake in the early morning

Hart Lake

Dinner: Pasta with cheese, mushrooms, tuna and spinach

Day 5, Friday, August 13

Hiked 6 miles

Hart Lake in the early morning

Day hike to Buena Vista Trail and also hiked to Edson Lake. Returned to Hart Lake where Jennifer went swimming (and Bob takes a picture of a bee on his arm).

Edson Lake

Dinner: Grain bowl with Pad Thai Sauce added. Broccoli.

Day 6, Saturday, August 14

Backpacked 5 miles (cross country 1.5; on trail 3.5)

Backpacked cross country from Hart Lakes to Buena Vista Trail, then backpacked on trail to Buena Vista Lake.

Hart Lake in the early morning

Buena Vista Lake

Dinner: Pasta, spaghetti, rice, mushrooms, spinach on side.

Day 7, Sunday, August 15

Hiked ~4 miles
Video: Chipmunk licks salt off cashew

Buena Vista Lake in early morning

Day hiked from Buena Vista Lake campsite to Horse Ridge which overlooks all the lakes we had been to previously: Ostrander, Hart and Edson.

Hart Lake from Horse Ridge

Hart Lake from Horse Ridge

On left Ostrander Lake (in distance) from Horse Ridge and unnamed lake nearer; on right Hart Lakes

Ostrander Lake and unnamed lake from Horse Ridge

Horse Ridge cliff

Hart Lakes from Horse Ridge

Hart Lakes from Horse Ridge

Edson Lake from Horse Ridge

Dinner: Dehydrated chicken enchiladas with spinach

Day 8, Monday, August 16

Backpacked 2.25 miles
Hiked 4.5 miles

Backpacked to Royal Arch Lake, hiked part way around lake searching for way to get to ridge above lake (did not find a way). We decided to cut trip short by one day, so would return on Wednesday, not Thursday.

Royal Arch Lake

Royal Arch Lake

Dinner: Teriyaki sauce, noodles, vegetables and cashews

Day 9, Tuesday, August 17

Total backpacking Day 9 and Day 10: 12.6 miles

Backpacked with intention of stopping above falls, but after crossing early stream found way blocked by forest of fallen trees with path obliterated. So we camped at this stream and tried day hiking through fallen trees.

Royal Arch Lake in early morning

Dinner: Potato cheddar corn chowder thick soup plus broccoli.

Day 10 Wednesday, August 18

Managed to backpack through fallen tree forest, find path, hike to Wawona, drive Bob's car to Ostrander Trailhead where Jennifer's car was parked, then we each drove home.
Video: Chilnualna Falls

Chilnualna Falls

Photos and narrative were contributed by both of us: Jennifer and Bob
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