Glacier National Park Backpacking Trip
September, 1986

[Also see See Day by Day Diary With Maps of This Trip]

Bob and Shirley were engaged to be married in a few months. Although Shirley had bicycled over much of the world including Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, she had not gone on a backpacking trip. Bob had done much backpacking and Shirley agreed to go on a backpacking trip Bob would plan. Having so much experience in backpacking in California, Bob knew that one of the best times to go was in September. So Bob planned a backpacking trip in September - in Montana. Montana is much further north than California, as the following will show.

Highlights/Memorable Events

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A chipmunk!

On the second day of backpacking, the snow hits hard

Fresh bear prints in the snow on the bridge

Iceberg Lake

Ptarmigan Falls

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