Yosemite Backpacking Trip
December 26, 1970 - January 2, 1971

Bob, Connie, and Ray: 8 Nights, 8 Days, (? miles) - Saved Photos

All 3 of us lived at Oxford Hall just off the campus of UC Berkeley where we were going to school. Other than knowing that we camped at least one night near the top of Nevada Falls and that we hiked along the Merced River, the backpacking/hiking route is unknown.

I wrote notes on the back of many of the photos from this trip. Unfortunately, at some point I cut off the edges of photos to better fit them in an album and much of the writing got cut off. With each of the photos below I have included whatever text was left, if any, from the back of the photo and added [in parentheses] probable words.

In most cases, if you click on a photo, a higher resolution photo on which you can zoom in will appear.

Day 1 - Saturday, December 26, 1970

"..[Bob] & Snowrabbit on first...[day],12/26/70)"
"..[Con]nie & Ray (Sunshine) clowning on
...[firs]t day (Sat., Dec. 26)"

"..[Su]nshine & I on first day (Sat, 12/..[26/70])"

Day 2 - Sunday, December 27, 1970

"Just above Vernal Fall, Connie, Sunday 12/27.."

"Scenery, Overcast & snow"

Day 3 - Monday, December 28, 1970

"Monday Morning, Dec. 28, 1970. 2nd camp, Nevada Falls."

Day 4 - Tuesday, December 29, 1970

"..Along the Merced River above Nevada Falls (12/29/70)."
"Me, 40 lb. pack with poncho, and ..
3-piece" tent pole. My feet are [co]ld. (Tue. (12/29/70))."
"..[Co]nnie, 35 lb. pack & poncho,
and .. tly grin. Her feet are colder. ..Tue. (12/29/70)."

Day 5 - Wednesday, December 30, 1970

"...Wed. (12/30/70)"

"..[l]ooking down the hill to.. [o]ur tent and me,
barely,, visible. Wed (12/30/70)"

"..rugged mountaineers [word "passing" crossed out].. ng before picnic lunch (Wed,.. 0/70)"
"..[H]alf-dome, backside. Rises 1000.. [f]t. to its dome.
Other side of.. [H]alf-dome drops 3000 ft to .. [Va]lly-floor.
Camera hog, alias.. now slug, also in photo. Wed (12/30/70)"

"..[R]ay & Connie contemplating trees.. shoes. Wed (12/20/70)."
"..now rabbit gets his[her] name. This is 1 minute after.. [t]umble. Wed (12/30/70)"
"..[Su]nshine plods down later Wed (12/30/70)"

"..ll. Wed (12/30/70)."

"..[a]fternoon warmth. Wed (12/30/70)"
"....air temp .[a]round 40. Wed (12/30/70)"

Day 6 - Thursday, December 31, 1970

"..looking tree as.. ..n rotten photograph... ..way to cross-bridge.. ced. Thur. (12/31/70)"

"..[s]tarting back to camp. .[T]hurs. (12/31/70)."

"..[c]rossbridge. We moved .. the sunny side. Thur. (12/31/70)"

"..[j]ust before avalanche. Unfortunately, avalanche was out of picture to right.
At the ..tges. Thur (12/31/70)"
"...[roa]r like jet, but not ..[mu]ch snow.
Dot . ..[ma]rks area cleared of .[s]now & ice. Thurs (12/31/70)."

"..[Re]turning over trail we ..ayed. This was most
..[fr]ightening....Snow ..[lea]ds straight down into Merced
rapids, very [s]teeply on left ..[and r]ises ..[ve]ry
steeply on right. .[we t]ook our time ..[m]aking [t]his trail

"..[Ra]y. 12/31/70"

"..[at]tempt. Thurs (12/31/70)"

"..back at Connie for .. photo when I .. (A-13). .. (12/31/70)"
"Pink lemonade after tiring hike. We broke our own trail for .[?]1/2 miles.
At the .[cr]ossbridge. Thurs. (12/31/70)"

Day 7 - Friday, January 1, 1971

There were no pictures for this day.

Day 8 - Saturday, January 2, 1971

"[Sunshine, snow]..rabbit a[nd].. ..ss. End of ..at. 1/2/71"

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