Sonoma County Visit
July, 2011

Bob, Lois, Hannah, and Julia visit Bob and Shirley
(Favorite Photos)

Jumping for joy at Bodega Head

Along the trail on the cliffs at Bodega Head
(We took a video as we watched whales. Sadly, the video does not show the whales, but it does caputure the wave action:

Hannah and Julia
At cliff's edge

Lois and Julia

The Whole Family Together

This jump for joy can be seen live at

Bob and Shirley

We stop for crabs and clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Company in Bodega Bay, CA. You can even watch us eat - delicious!:, then head for the beach.

Together on the beach, and Lois records this 2011 visit to California

After visiting the coast, we return to Santa Rosa to visit the Matanzas Creek Winery, which is famous for its lavender fields. The lavendar was in full bloom as you can see.

A final glass of wine at Matanzas Creek, then back to Bob and Shirley's place, to pose in front of the orange tree.

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