Shirley, David, Gillian, Bob, Marian and Rob Visit Seaside and Monterey
Wednesday, March 27 - Monday, April 1

Shirley and Bob drive to Monterey on Wednesday, then David and Gillian fly in from Alabama to the Monterey Airport on Thursday. We stay in two Airbnb's we have rented in Seaside. On Sunday Marian and Rob drive down from San Francisco for a day's visit.

Here is wonderful presentation by Gillian on Instagram about the trip: Monterey Trip [Turn on sound]

Day 1

Wednesday, March 27

Shirley and Bob drive from Santa Rosa to Seaside

We left Santa Rosa around 9:30 AM and drove to San Francisco in order to stop at T C Bakery which sells Bob's favorite pastry - sesame seed balls. Bob bought 18 - justifying it as a present for Gillian. Shirley got 3 Pot Stickers. We then walked over to Irving Housewares & Restaurant Supplies. Shirley went inside and Bob stayed out on the sidewalk, struggling to open the box with the sesame seed balls. Bob was successfull and ate one, just to be sure they were good enough for Gillian! Then ate another just to be really sure. Meanwhile, Shirley got a Silicon Kit.

We walked back to the car which was parked on Lincoln Avenue next to Golden Gate Park. No one was walking in the park at the moment, beautiful though it is. We then drove to Monterey by way of Gilroy, the Garlic Capital of the World. However we did not stop to buy garlic ice cream as we once had long ago. We took a route from Gilroy to Castroville and then hit Route 1 into Seaside.

Weather was cloudy, perfect driving conditions, no road repairs/blockages, although road signs were warning of such. While Bob drove, Shirley ate her Pot Stickers.

The scenery on the drive was so, so beautiful. Bright spring time green in all directions - on mountains and forests.

It was a wonderful drive to Monterey (actually, the adjoining city of Seaside) where we had rented our Airbnb at 1181 Placer Street just off Hilby Street.

The Airbnb was very nice. We parked and unpacked our car. then walked over to the nearby house on Hilby Street where David and Gillian would be staying (they would be flying in from Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow afternoon). Next we walked to Safeway, Walgreens and The Creperie Cafe. We texted David that all was well and walked back to our house. We watched Gattica on TV. (The Smart TV controls were a mystery to figure out.)

Day 2

Thursday, March 28

David and Gillian Arrive!

Shirley and Bob take test drive to airport (nearby, quick and easy), returned home and walked around the Laguna, getting to see many flowers and birds. We stopped at piers to look over the waters, watch geese and other birds on the path who were not concerned about humans.

We napped, then drove to airport in the afternoon, watched as David and Gillian's plane arrived, and picked up Gillian and David.

All four of us walked a short distance to Laguna Del Rey where an open market was taking place. We walked around it, then walked a bit on a Laguna path. Shirley returned home and David, Gillian and Bob walked entirely around the Laguna. We also stopped at the Creperie so Gillian could get an edible cup of coffee.

After getting home all four of us ordered pick-up pizzas and drove and picked them up and ate back at Shirley and Bob's house. Then all of us walked to David and Gillian's place. Shirley and Bob walked back to their place, where Shirley watched TV and Bob read and wrote diary.

Day 3

Friday, March 29

Started the day by walking to the Creperie where Gillian had a lovely cup of latte along with Crepe pancakes.

We then drove to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Huge crowds. [At end of visit Shirley asked Gillian to estimate how many people there were. She guessed 5,000. Shirley had just a moment before asked one of the Aquarium workers how many people had entered that day: 5,000!] The Aquarium is so interesting, so amazing. Bob really liked seeing all the jelly fish. We were there for several hours. Shirley and Bob at one point sat down and watched as young kids totally enjoyed reaching into water, pulling out (and returning) seaweed and other items.

Next we walked along Cannery Row, where there are many, many shops and fascinating exhibits in windows. We drove back and stopped for a late lunch at Safeway, then home to take naps. Later in the afternoon we drove to the Beach House at Lovers Point and got great seats near windows with very scenic views of the bay. The dinner was very good - Mai Mahi, fish and chips, salmon.

After dinner we walked to Lovers Point where there were many squirrels and sea gulls, who begged for food. Fortunately, David had some crackers that he shared with them.

Back to our AirBnb's to wind down. David dropped by to visit with Bob and Shirley

Day 4

Saturday, March 30

Started out the day at our favorite coffee shop, The Creperie Cafe. Then we drive along Oceanfront Boulevard and stop at Asilomar State Beach where Bob, David and Gillian take off shoes and socks and wade in the water. On the beach are lots of By-the-Wind Sailor (Velella velella) jelly fish that have washed ashore. We next walk along the Asilomar Dunes Board Walk which had lots of pretty flowers. At the end of the walk we visited the Lodge at Asilomar.

We drove along the 17 Mile Drive, stopping near Bird Rock Vista Point where we again fed ground squirrels. We got to see the Pebble Beach Golf Course next to the ocean, which was beautiful. We also stopped at the Lone Cypress and then ate lunch at the Pebble Beach Market and lodge, next walking to the famous 18th hole golf course.

Back to our AirBnb's, then dinner at Monterey Fish House. We did carry out because it was so noisy. While we waited for dinner to be prepared we drove to nearby Del Monte Beach which really excited David and Gillian.

We ate dinner at our AirBnb and watched TV.

Day 5

Sunday, March 31

Marian and Rob drive down from San Francisco and visit!

We all got ready and drove to Carmel, parking near the Ocean parking lot. David and Gillian immediately explored the nearby beach and the many shops while Bob and Shirley enjoyed sight seeing the tourists and just browsing shops along the streets. So many flowers in planters in Carmel.

Rob and Marian (David's Aunt and Uncle) drove in from San Francisco and joined all of us at Carmel. We met at the Visitor's Center on Junipero and Ocean Blvd.

Later we had lunch at Dametra Restaurant, with very good Greek cuisine. We all enjoyed the meal. Afterwards we couldn't pass up the nearby pastry shop!

All of us browsed a number of shops, then walked to the beach where we enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather and scenery. David and Gillian went for a walk along the beach and soon joined us. [Do you see them in the fourth pic below?]

And we saw more flowers.

We again browsed more of the many quaint shops in Carmel then said goodbye to Rob and Marian, as they headed back to San Francisco. We headed back to our Airbnbs and were very surprised to hear the news that part of Highway 1, along Big Sur (the 90 mile roadway that borders the Pacific Ocean) had simply slipped away, into the Ocean. Over a 1,000 tourists were stranded on Saturday, having to spend the night wherever they could find, including their cars. A single lane finally opened on Sunday so folks could leave Big Sur. Wow--and we had planned to do some of the drive along Big Sur--glad that never happened.

David came by in the evening. Tomorrow he and Gillian fly back to B'ham. Will miss them. We had a lovely time.

Day 6

Monday, April 1

Got up early and followed check out procedures for the Airbnbs.

David, Gillian, and Bob went for coffee. We then found that the American flight for David/Gillian was delayed due to bad storms sweeping through Texas and the south. We went to the Monterey Airport, new tickets were issued and decided to relax at Woody's Restaurant at the airport while we waited.

David and Gillian, much delayed, finally arrived in Phoenix-- with another long delay, finally arriving in Dallas. However, it was so late on Monday evening that the return flight to B'ham was scheduled for next day, Tuesday. So they stayed in a nearby motel. They finally arrived back on Tuesday afternoon to B'ham.

We drove back to Santa Rosa. It was a pretty drive of course, with lots of flowers and greenery.

We stopped once at "Lands End" at the roadway waterfront that borders the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. Entering the San Francisco Bay was a cargo ship whose size was emphasized by the sailboat floating nearby. It was such pretty weather, with lots of folks walking on the beach.

We got back in the car, maneuvered the rest of the way through San Francisco, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and drove through yet more pretty green countryside as we ended our trip.

Back home to Santa Rosa after a long day. Bob drove the entire way, was thankful he had Shirley as his "GPS" and we were both glad to finally relax at home after our wonderful trip.

Photos by Shirley, Bob, Gillian and David

Narrative by Shirley and Bob

Adventures of Shirley and Bob

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