Shirley and Bob
Point Reyes, Inverness, Point Reyes Station
June 2 - 4, 2024

Day 1, Sunday, June 2

We drove from home to the small town of Point Reyes Station. The drive was very pretty, through lots of hills (one of which had a large sign saying "Trump"). The road is usually only two lanes, often without shoulders and there were lots of bicyclists, all of whom we were able to pass.

To our surprise today was the day in Point Reyes Station of quite a parade - the Western Farm Celebration - with dancers, musicians, cars, kids.

It was very enjoyable and lasted from noon to 1:30. People in the parade threw lots of candy and so the kids had a great time running around. One kid had a hat that he did not wear, but instead held it upside down and filled with candy he had picked up. Bob especially liked the local band that had a dancer climbing a pole. There was a parade joker dancing around.

Shirley especially liked the bag pipes called the MacIntosh Pipe Band. The next group that stood out was the San Francisco Festival Dancers wearing very colorful outfits. And a school percussion band on a flat bed truck.

We walked around the town and stopped at an art gallery. One artist seems to have painted abstract drawings, then covered them with white paint so the original was difficult to see. Not very interesting. We also went into a grocery store and Bob bought chocolate - ta da! Then we went to Bear Valley Visitor Center.

We then drove to the very, very small town of Inverness, parked, walked to an old boat wreck we had visited before. Looking over Drake's Bay we saw egrets and other birds. The view across the bay was pretty.

Cottages at Point Reyes was next where we are staying at Cottage 6 - Song Bird where we have stayed before. Met Jessica, Jacob and their 13 month old son Samuel, who was thoroughly enjoying running around. They were next door to us. Around dusk we walked along a path next to a stream and through woods.

Day 2, Monday, June 3

Got an early start (out by 8 AM) on a very foggy, cold day and drove to the Chimney Rock overlook. Along the way, several cows were blocking the road. We drove very slowly up to them, stopped. Cow 3315 walked over when Bob opened the window and Bob talked to her. After that the cows agreed to let us pass.

We parked and walked along The Elephant Seal Overlook Path that brought us to a view from quite a bit above down to Drakes Beach that in the distance held sea elephants. Some were swimming, most were lying down on the beach.

We drove to the Point Reyes Light House Visitor Center. We mentioned to the ranger it was quite windy. She told us the highest wind velocity today was probably 30 mph. She pointed to a chart she kept that showed that last Wednesday the winds had gotten to over 100 mph, so today was not all that bad. We could have gone outside - in the wind - and walked down over 300 steps to the lighthouse. We passed on that.

Next stop is Ken Patrick Visitor Center, Point Reyes Station, CA which the ranger had recommended to us. As we drive there we saw several elk. At the Station we walk down to the beach and then take a long walk along the beach to where the sea elephants are lying. Along the way many pelicans fly by. There is one elephant seal that we first come across who is away from the rest. He looks up at us when we pass. Then we see a lot of sea elephants, well over twenty, and we do not go near. But do take pics.

After a very pleasant walk back along the beach (sand was hard so easy to walk on, breeze was blowing from behind us, sun was out) to the car we went to the The Cypress Tree Tunnel. This is a long driveway (now walking only) that leads to Point Reyes Receiving Station, built around 1930 to provide ship to shore communications. For the length of the driveway cypress trees are planted on both sides. A beautiful walk. The building itself is closed and the path pretty much ends in front of it.

Bob is thinking it's lunch time and we drive to Point Reyes Station, buy one large vegetable burger which we shared. After eating it at a picnic table (taste? - "average") we walk behind the town in the Giacomini Wetlands along a gravel path/driveway which leads to a large white barn.

We return to the car, drive back to our cottage, and veg out for the rest of the day, although we did take a walk and saw more beautiful flowers. What a fun, fun time.

Day 3, Tuesday, June 4

After checking out of our cottage, we drove to the trailhead for Abbotts Lagoon. We walked the trail to the lagoon and a bit around the lagoon, but decided we did not want to walk all the way to the seashore. We got to see several bunny rabbits lying on the trail, and one which would have liked us to move so he could walk across the bridge. We didn't so he walked back. As we approached crossed a bridge over a stream an otter swam nearby.

In the afternoon we visited McClures beach, which involved parking near Pierce Point Ranch, then walking down Pierce Point Road to the trailhead for the walk to the beach. There we saw lots of seagulls on the sand and some of them in a freshwater pond fed by the stream that ran beside the trail we came down.

Photos by Shirley and Bob

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