Hike In Moore Creek Park
Napa County, California - April 8, 2024
Reenie and Bob
5 miles, 600' Climb

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On a gorgeous, sunny day we went hiking along the Valentine Vista Trail in Moore Creek Park in Napa County, about an hour drive from our neighborhood in Santa Rosa. It was the day of the partial eclipse which we got to observe because Reenie's neighbors provided a pair of glasses designed to look at the sun. We were hoping to see fields of poppies as we had a year ago, but there were far fewer this year. Nevertheless there were many flowers of many types and of course the hike itself is absolutely beautiful with great views in all directions. We hiked a bit off trail and had a pleasant picnic under a large oak tree.

As we first pulled into the parking lot, Bob stopped the car and jumped out in order to get pictures of a deer just across the stream, who was leaving quickly.

We looked at the eclipse on several occasions, which was visible using protective glasses. As time passed the moon clearly moved across the sun.

We saw butterflies, one of which Reenie got a picture, and lots of trees with Old Man's Beard hanging down of which both Bob and Reenie took pics.

Bob could not resist taking photos of the one small lizard we saw, which quickly hid in a crevice in the rock.

Turkey vultures watched over us closely, no doubt hoping we would tire out completely, but we disappointed them.

Bob, as always, took pictures of nearby homes and wondered what it would be like living in such places.

Photos and narrative contributed by both Reenie and Bob
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