Visit Birmingham
For David and Gillian's Wedding!
Wednesday, September 27 to Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Bob and Shirley



Day 1

Wednesday, September 27

Reenie picks us up at 6:15 AM and drives us to Park and Ride in Santa Rosa. [Thank you Reenie!]

The bus arrives on schedule at 7 AM and takes us to San Francisco Airport (SFO), stopping in Petaluma and Rohnert Park. All went smoothly. We checked in to Delta Airlines and did not have to wait long to board the plane to Atlanta. We had a nice lunch on the plane, Bob took pics of the Sierras and other places.

Mono Lake, California

We also did not have to wait long in Atlanta for the plane to Birmingham. All flights went smoothly.

After picking up our luggage we quickly got our Enterprise rental car (office and car were just across the street from the baggage pick-up) and we drove straight to our Airbnb (yay Shirley, who had mapped it out).

It is a nice 3 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood.

Day 2

Thursday, September 28

Today Bob and Shirley first went to Walmart and loaded up on groceries, far more than we think we will ever eat in the next 7 days. So, having that much food, we then went over across the street to Pancho's Mexican Grill and both bought vegetarian tortillas. We drove home and ate the tortillas on the front porch.

Bob and Shirley called Gillian, who invited us over and so we went to her house. When we go there David, Gillian, dog Sheriff, cat Clyde were all home, along with David's friend TJ. Then Zak and Alex showed up. And then David went and got Nate. We looked at David's garden plots and mostly stood in the kitchen and talked. Sheriff chased his tail.

So cool to hear what David's friends going back all the way to growing up in Kansas, along with Michigan State University and Arizona. Sheriff of course got very excited and chased, and caught, his tail.

Upon our return home, we napped, then walked in the neighborhood.

In the evening we watched TV.

Day 3

Friday, September 29

Today is the day of the wedding rehearsal, but in the morning we went back to Walmart to pick up a couple of items, then on the way back stopped at Crestwood Park and walked around for a bit in the park and a nearby neighborhood. Another beautiful morning.

Next we drove down to check out the hotel we would stay at tomorrow night and ended up walking across the street to Chick-fil-A diner, where Shirley bought a Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich. We walked back to the hotel and ate on the back porch. After lunch as we walked to our car we saw a license plate on a car which we immediately recognized as belonging to Mary Kay, Shirley's sister. Shirley called her, she came down with Brett, and we all talked.

We then drove to Aldridge Gardens, where David and Gillian will be married, for a rehearsal. We met so many of their relatives and friends, some of whom will be bridesmaids and groomsmen. The rehearsel went well and we are so looking forward to their marrige tomorrow.

After the rehearsel, we went to the rehearsel dinner (David's friend Dillon drove with us. He had played his guitar at the rehearsal), where Ellen, Bob's sister who lives in Washington, D.C., arrived. Such a wonderful time. The dinner was at the Vulcan Park and overlooked the entire city of Birmingham.

We left earlier than most and as we walked to the car we realized Dillon's guitar was still in the trunk. So Bob got it out and took it back up to the dinner.

The drive back to our airbnb went very smoothly, Shirley had the directions down pat.

Day 4

Saturday, September 30

Gillian and David Marry!

Drove down to wedding site. We found Hampton Inn and talked with Mary Kay, Robert, and Julie. Then drove back to check iron, but all was well. We drove back down and ate at Jason' Deli, checked into Inn, picked up Ellen at Hyatt. Drove over to wedding, attended it, joined the reception.

We drove Ellen back to the Hyatt and came back to reception.

Day 5

Sunday, October 1

Visited with family at Hampton Inn.

Went to David and Gillian for breakfast brunch.

Came back and walked in Winwood Area, getting a view of Birmingham in the distance.

Six oclock dinner with James and Shanna at Filling Station then back to our airbnb for the night.

Day 6

Monday, October 2

Went to Railroad Park.

Walked around in Birmingham. Got to see a turtle and took its pic (sort of).

Went to Big Food Court.

Returned home and hung out.

Day 7

Tuesday, October 3

Day 8

Wednesday, October 4

Bob Phillips [phillips bob 27 at yahoo dot com - no spaces]
Santa Rosa, CA
May, 2020