Hike In Jack London State Park
Sonoma County, California - August 18, 2023
Reenie, Bob

About to pass London Lake, which was completely dry

Redwoods on Mountain Trail

In the Eucalyptus grove as we returned to the parking lot

We hiked in Jack London State Historic Park in Sonoma County, CA on a day which began cloudy/foggy/cool and ended sunny and 80 degrees at the end. So basically, it was perfect weather. The reason for the hike was to practice for backpacking trip coming up in September, so we each carried the backpack we would use then.

We walked from the entrance to the Lake Service Road to the Mountain Trail. We followed the Mountain Trail up - steeply up - past the Deer Camp, where we stopped for a snack and later came back to for lunch. Continuing up the Mountain Trail we came to the junction with the Cowan Meadow Trail, which we turned onto and followed for a while. Total distance hiked was about 6 miles.

We were surprised to see many piles of branches that appeared to have been there for some time.

Our one view of wildlife! Actually, we did see one lizard scamper away, but unlike the dragonfly he would not pose for a picture. The dragonfly actually stayed on the trail in front of us until we took its pictures, then it flew off.

These are the two picnic tables which were separated by a small stream. The first picture is taken while we were snacking - Bob provided one banana and some cashews - and the second and third picture while we were eating the lunch prepared by Reenie - tortillas, blueberries and cookies. Life is sweet.

The trails we followed were very well maintained - including large trees being cut through the middle where they had fallen over the trail, which for the most part was a nice a dirt road. Given the drought in California we were a bit surprised to cross a running stream, just as it was surprising to see a stream at lunch.

We ended our trip by walking back through the pretty eucalyptus grove.

Photos and narrative were contributed by Reenie and Bob
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