Hike On Bodega Head
Sonoma County, California - August 2, 2023
Reenie and Bob

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We drove from Santa Rosa to Bodega Head, stopping as always at Spud Point Crab Company to pick up their fabulous crab sandwiches and clam chowder. Along the way we spotted wild animals! A cow and a jack rabbit (oh, alright, a small hopping deer, but Bob initially thought it was a rabbit), as seen below. We spoke to the cow, telling him that our friend Adele, who also often traveled to Bodega with Bob and/or Reenie and talked to cows, had passed away. We both thought of Adele many times on this trip. Such a wonderful friend.

The drive also includes so many nice panorama views, but we also saw what appeared to be fog over the shoreline (see right side of pic below).

After stopping to buy our sandwiches and chowder at Spud Point Crab Company - there was a line as always, but not too long, we drove to and ate at Bodega Head, then hiked along the Bodega Head Trail, which is a wonderful hike. (When we got out of the car, we realized it was quite cool, perhaps in 50's (F) and breezy, so we put on layers of warmth). As we hiked along the shore we could hear the surf below us, see the beautiful seascapes, and, being very careful, see what a steep drop-off down a rocky cliff was right near the trail.

There were many flowers.

In the far distance we could see an island that we knew was home to many seals and birds. [As always, click on a picture to bring up the full size, full resolution version.]

On the way back we got a good view of a trail down to a beach that no one but very competent rock climbers should use. Bob suggested to Reenie that perhaps they should both at least start down the path a little bit. This idea was rejected.

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