Hike To Grandmother Oak and Beyond
In Hood Mountain Regional Park and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
Sonoma County, California - August 25, 2022
Comparing Old and New Photos

The next 4 photos, taken on hikes by me, David and Reenie, show how the path to the top of Red Hill, has changed dramatically, including first the falling down and disappearance of a large, old dead tree and finally the results of recent fires - so many trees burned down.

2015 - April 26
2016 - July 5
2018 - April 19
2022 August 25

The next 2 photos, are taken from the top of Red Hill and again show the devastation of the recent fires.

2018 - April 19
2022 August 25

Trail: Red Hill from Hood Mountain Los Alamos Parking Lot - Length 5.3 miles (out and back); Elevation Gain 1,400 ft

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