Hike In Jenner Headlands Preserve
Sonoma County, California - September 7, 2022
Bob and Reenie

On another of a series of hot days (temperatures over 100 degrees) in Santa Rosa, we decided to go to the much cooler coast (highs in the 70's) for a hike in the Jenner Headlands Preserve, which includes beautiful views of the California coast. We followed the Raptor Ridge / Sea to Sky trail which loops around the preserve.

Below are a few photos we took, starting with our meeting some cows, including one which went out of its way to stand across the trail, blocking us until we persuaded it to move. Later we met a couple of horses after we had gone much of the way up the trail (we climbed just under 1,000 ft in elevation). We asked them why they had not come down the trail and offered us a ride up, but they just kept munching away on grass. They did both come over, however, to be petted.

Photos and narrative were contributed by both Reenie and Bob
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