Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
Day Hike, March 29, 2021

A spring time hike with so many fields of flowers. Followed the Lower Bald Mountain and Bald Mountain trails to Bald Mountain, then along the High Ridge Trail to the Old Red Barn of which only the foundation is left because of the fires in the last couple of years. Then hiked a bit beyond the barn before returning. Roundtrip was about 8 miles and took about 3.5 to 4 hours. Starting elevation about 1,200', Bald Mountain summit (high point) 2,729', and 2,000' near Old Red Barn. So went up and down about 2,250'

The flowers in this first field are Lupine (thank you Shirley!).

The white flowers are popcorn flowers which have a very hairy stem (thank you Shirley again!)

First I see one deer on the trail ahead, then a second one starts to cross, and finally the mother deer shows up and herds the kids to the other side, where they all quickly disappear.

So many flowers as I approached the summit of Bald Mountain.

Heading down from Bald Mountain summit towards the Old Red Barn, there is both fire devastation and lots of green.

This is all that remains of the Old Red Barn which was devastated by the fires in the last couple of years.

I took the following three photos on February 9, 2018, of the Old Red Barn.

Climbing back up from the Old Red Barn remains is strenuous and I keep hoping to see Bald Mountain once again. I finally see the top of mountain in the far distance. The next 3 pics are from the same location, zooming in.

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