Sonoma Valley Regional Park and Glen Ellen, California
3 Mile Hike And A Nice Lunch On A Beautiful Day
November 28, 2021
Bob, Shirley

We decided to go for a hike and had not been to this nearby park for a while. After parking, rather than take the usual trails, we went up a hill to two water towers and began a use trail which took us down through grasslands and meadows, with many interesting looking trees. Eventually we met a fence for private property and worked back up along the fence until we came to a use path that lead across to one of the standard trails.

Here's a brief video of the grasslands.

We now reach one of the well maintained trails and begin hiking toward the lake.

Our route: black arrows show general direction; dotted lines are actual trails, which we were on except for the beginning grassland hike.

After our very nice hike we hopped in the car and drove the short distance to the Glen Ellen Village Market, where we bought lunches and sat at the picnic table outside across the street from a Saloon.

We became curious about the "Hotel Chauvet" in Glen Ellen across the street from where we were eating. Turns out it is no longer a hotel, but in fact has 6 2,000 sq ft condos which are vacation rentals. Currently, one night costs $645 and there is a three night minimum stay. The place has a fascinating history, once almost torn down, a failure as a hotel, a roof collapsing, owner and her sons hand washing 3,000 bricks and much more. Here is a good history of it.

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