Photos From A Day Visiting "Grove of Old Trees" (Coast Redwoods)
Adele, Reenie and Bob
May 4, 2021
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The LandPaths Grove of Old Trees is a stand of Coast Redwoods in a very small park in Occidental, California. It is a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Email on May 4, 2021, titled "Re: The Grove of Old Trees: Three 'old friends' having a grand time, May 4, 2021" and sent to Adele, Shirley and Reenie:

"Hi Reenie,

Thank you so much. What a wonderful, fun day and nice pictures to capture it. Thank you for the tasty picnic you prepared for us. Also, Shirley could not eat the jelly beans that you left in my car. I solved the problem!

Hi Adele,

Thank you for introducing us to this. And for the sliced/lemon-cured apples. And the chocolate. And a fun day.

Hugs, Bob

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 6:23:28 PM PDT, Reenie Lucker wrote:

Dear Friends Adele and Bob,

What a beautiful grove of impressive redwoods! Thank you, Adele, for introducing us to this special place. Thank you, Bob, for driving us through the hills and along narrow one-lane back roads. We had fun! And the dark chocolate.... a hit!

Here are some pics to remember our day in 'The Grove.'

Hugs, Reenie"

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