Bodega Head, Doran Beach
Bob, Adele, Reenie, Jay, Eliza
February 9, 2021

Adele and Bob drove out to Bodega Bay, going down Coleman Valley Road as always to get the spectacular views of the coast (after having talked to sheep along the way), then briefly stopping at the overlook for Salmon Beach, which we looked down upon, but in a positive way. Numerous surfers were in the waves.

As they entered the town of Bodega Bay, a text came in from Reenie saying she, Jay, and Eliza were on their way also, thus giving Bob and Adele time to drive up to Bodega Head. All spaces facing the ocean were taken, so they parked with a unique view they had never before seen from the car. The photos are not from this unique perspective.

After a brief respite, they drove back to the Spud Point Crab Company, bought enough crab sandwiches and clam chowders (both of which are the best there are) to feed everyone, even including Eliza and the birds.

Next Bob and Adele drove to Doran Beach, found the perfect picnic table overlooking the beach, and at the moment a text came in saying Reenie, et al, were just entering Doran Beach park, so Bob walked to the main road and within a minute they arrived and Bob directed them where to park.

The picnic begins!

After the picnic it was time to walk on beautiful Doran Beach, where the tide was low enough for there to be plenty of sand.


The pictures on the web page were taken by Reenie and Bob.

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