Bodega Head, Doran Beach
Adele, Reenie, Bob
March 19, 2021

[Click on any photo to bring up the original, uncropped, full resolution version. Then, at least on my computer, click again on the photo to zoom in]

As we were driving towards coast on a narrow, winding road, we suddenly saw an animal running ahead, which turned out to be a small fox with a very large, fluffy tail.

Above Salmon Beach

On Doran Beach - including original tree art by the artist Adele!

At Bodega Head

These two videos show birds eating small "Oyster" crackers out of Bob's hand when he held the crackers just outside the window as we were eating lunch in the car at Bodega Head. [To get the best view, set your video player to full screen, set it to highest resolution, and slow it to 50% or 25% normal speed - each video at normal speed is only about 20 seconds and shows 3 cracker grabs.]

Above photos were taken by both Reenie and Bob

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