Bob and Shirley
West County/Rodota Trail and Graton
Day Hike, December 12, 2020

Today was a cloudy, cool day, just perfect for getting out. We hiked about 3.5 miles along the Rodota Trail and in the town of Graton. We started where the trail crosses the Ross Station Rd and continued southward to the intersection with Green Valley Rd (going a bit up that road) before returning to the car. The paved trail is beautiful with so many trees and farms, but what appeared to be a sad mule. And a bit later what appeared to be a very happy vulture.

We then drove to Graton (on the way we were forced to stop at Mom's Apple Pie to get their wonderful berry pie - Shirley got the very last one). In Graton we walked the pretty neighborhood streets. As can be seen below, a street sign made it pretty clear Joe was preferred to Donald when it came to the presidential election. Being Christmas season, homes were decorated, even on the roof.

We then drove home. Shortly after we arrived home the pie appeared to evaporate. Amazing! Like, it was just gone.

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