San Francisco, Fort Mason, Half Moon Bay, Filoli Gardens
Roadtrip to see gardens, a wedding, the coast
April 12 - 16, 2019
Bob and Shirley

We had been invited to San Francisco to attend the wedding of Aaron, grandson of our good friend Adele, to Rebecca on Sunday, April 14. We soon decided that since we were going to be in San Francisco on Sunday, we should take advantage of that and spend the entire weekend there, arriving on Friday. And, since we were going to be in San Francisco, which is almost half way to the famous Filoli Estate Gardens and also Half Moon Bay, we should visit those on Monday and Tuesday. Thus began a wonderful 5 day adventure.

The Filoli Gardens are the home of Percy, who granted us and others the privilege of seeing his glorious tail display, shown below - one of our favorite photos. Another favorite photo being of us in front of a mirror in the hall of the estate.

Day 1: April 12 (Friday), Santa Rosa to San Francisco, California:

We drove into San Francisco and checked into the Motel Capri, which we had chosen because it was not too far from Fort Mason, where the wedding reception would be held on Sunday. Then we walked the few blocks to Fort Mason and spent an enjoyable afternoon checking out the Commanding Generals house where the reception would be held (it was closed today), viewing the bay where we saw a container ship that reminded us of Molly (see photo below), and simply wandering around.

Day 2: April 13 (Saturday), Fort Mason, Marnee Thai:

Video: Windsurfing on San Francisco Bay

After a bit of street wandering in the morning, we had lunch with Marian and Rob at the Marnee Thai Restaurant, one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants. What is particularly nice is that afterwards one can walk across the street to the T C Bakery and get sesame seed balls and sweet rice cakes, which of course we did.

After lunch and dropping Marian and Rob off, we headed to Marina Blvd and walking along the beach, where we saw so many windsurfers and sailboaters. The breezy, warm day was perfect for them. See the video above and the photo below of them.

We walked as far as the Palace of Fine Arts.
There were so many groups of people there
who appeared to be celebrating weddings or other events.

Walking the streets of San Francisco is entertaining. People plant gardens outside their doors - first time we had seen a palm tree growing right next to a residence; put up amusing parking signs...

And driving the streets of San Francisco does have breath-taking views - hold on to your seats!

Day 3: April 14 (Sunday), Aaron and Rebecca Wedding:

The wedding took place in the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park and was absolutely beautiful. Our friends Reenie and Bill picked us up at the motel and drove us to the wedding, then back to the reception. Afterwards we took the opportunity to walk back to the motel.

In the photos below are Aaron walking with Wendy; Aaron and Rebecca; the "four Brothers" in black hats as requested by Aaron - Danny, Joel, Jeff, and Andy; and Adele.

Day 4: April 15 (Monday), Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay, then to San Carlos:

We drove down to Half Moon Bay on the way to our motel in San Carlos - the Hotel San Carlos

Day 5: April 16 (Tuesday), Filoli Gardens and Estate, then home:

The Filoli House and Gardens were built in the early 20th century by the Bourn family, then later purchased by the Roth family, who eventually passed it on to a conservancy to give public access. The house is over 54,000 sq ft with 56 rooms including 17 fire places. The various gardens occupy over 10 acres, while the total estate is over 650 acres. The name Filoli is short for:

Fight for a just cause.
Love your fellow man.
Live a good life.

We had a very enjoyable time walking the gardens and hiking along a trail beyond the gardens. We also saw the interior of the house which included furniture from long ago when it was occupied by the owners. When visiting the interior there was a video by a woman who as a child had lived in the house.

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