San Francisco, California
June 19, 2018
Reenie, Adele and Bob

Video: Reenie, Adele, and Bob ride the Surrey!

Video: A strange soccer game, but fun looking

Golden Gate Park, The Japanese Tea Garden

Golden Gate Park, Shakespeare Flower Garden

Lots of little kids came with their guardians - it was lunch time. We picnicked and they did also. But they ran around a lot more and played a lot more than we did.

Surrey Ride Through Golden Gate Park

None of us had ever ridden a Surrey and just stumbled onto the stand where they were being rented. On the spur of the moment we all decided it would be a blast to peddle it around the park. The vendor suggested we take a shorter route that avoided "Hippie Hill". We were glad we did, because the slightest incline was an effort for us to peddle up. We were able to all fit in the Surrey, squishing Adele in the middle so Reenie and Bob could peddle. There were no gears. Adele sang "Row, row, row your boat" to provide cadence to our pedaling efforts.

At the end of the ride we asked the vendor to video us as we pedaled through the parking lot towards him, which he did. That is the video at the top of the page that you can click on to watch.

Soon after we started our ride, we ran into a soccer game such as we had never seen before. The two pics below show the kids dressed in their blow up spheres, while the video just below the first photo at the top of the page shows them playing. Amazing.

Beach and Cliff House

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