Salt Point State Park Hike, California
January 5, 2018

Bob and Reenie

The most memorable event on this hike at Salt Point State Park was watching a gull and an otter keep coming back together. The otter would dive, the sea gull would wait, the otter would come right back up at the same spot. On three occasions the gull flew away to avoid incoming waves, flew around, awaited the otter to surface, then landed next to the otter again. It appeared the otter would come to the surface to eat and the gull would get pieces, which explained the gull coming back to the otter, but not so much the otter always surfacing next to the gull. Looks like friendship. Wonder for how long this has gone on. Here are pics of the two.

Sadly, did not get vids of the two, but here is a short one of the otter. And here is a video of the shore where we saw the two of them.

We also got views of lots of other birds, some at Jenner where the Russian River enters the Pacific and some at Salt Point. This video gives a good idea of just how many gulls we saw near Jenner.

And also seals. And even a couple of people!

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