Spring Lake, Santa Rosa: A Birthday Party For Adele
November 3, 2018
Adele, Shirley, Reenie, and Bob

On a very beautiful day in Santa Rosa, four of us went to a picnic table next to the pond at Spring Lake to celebrate our good friend Adele's birthday. The party was largely organized by Reenie, who made the fabulous apple cake with apple sauce (using apples donated by neighbors across the street, Anna and Del, and Vince and Sophie).

Prior to going to Adele's, Reenie, Shirley and Bob go to Oliver's to get food for all, then pick up Adele and go to the park.

We get the best picnic table in the park and the parking space closest to that table. Life is sweet for this foursome. After enjoying our meal it comes time for the birthday cake. The breeze is blowing, but Reenie does get the candles lit and with a big breath, Adele blows them all out, confirming yet once again that she deserved the perfect score on her last physical.


Then comes the cake cutting by Reenie, with Bob staring hard to make sure his (oops, everyone's) piece is large enough. The cake is delicious, the setting beautiful.

Reenie, Shirley and Bob had decided to mutually give Adele a set of gifts.

Adele opens her first gift, a beautiful scarf selected by Reenie. Reenie knew Adele would like the scarf because the two of them had been in a store together when Adele fell for the scarf and asked Reenie if Reenie instead would like to get it. Reenie said she did want the scarf in the full knowledge she would later give it as a gift to Adele.

About this time of gift unwrapping the first 3 geese to fly into the park decided this was in fact the perfect picnic table because it was surrounded with delicious grass, which they munched away at. Then they decided to watch the picnic, sitting comfortably just a few feet from the table. Not sure if this one wishes he had a scarf, too.

Next, in the presence of the geese, Adele opens two gifts selected by Shirley and Bob (ok, mostly Shirley) - a crystal for hanging in sunlight and a pretty bowl.

The three geese decide it is time to move on.

Bob decides someone must finish the rest of the wine, also brought by Reenie. And although it is not Bob's favorite imported red wine from Missouri (Red Velvet from St. James Winery, in case anyone is wondering), he clearly finds it more than good enough to drink. Everyone agrees Reenie will do the driving after the picnic, not Bob.

And so many crows fly over making an amazing racket.

The party comes to a happy end, gifts are put away, and we all walk back to the car, which sits under a pretty pistache tree.

Photos by Shirley and Bob

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