McCormick Addition to Sugarloaf State Park
February 16, 2018
Bob and Reenie

This hike was the 3rd in a series of hikes to determine the best way to go from the Sugarloaf Ridge State Park entrance in Sonoma County, California, up Bald Mountain and across the McCormick addition to the entrance to Hood Mountain Regional Park.

In the first hike, Bob went from Sugarloaf up Bald Mountain, then on the High Ridge Trail past the red barn and up to a beautiful ridge where he could see the Hood Mountain side of the McCormick addition. In the second hike, Bob totally blew it and got lost trying to go from Red Hill on the Hood side of the McCormick addition directly up to the beautiful ridge.

In this third hike, using Reenie's suggestions, we successfully followed a route that took us right from the parking lot at Hood Mountain park, up to the ridge, bypassing, then looking back down, at Red Hill. A future hike will take us from the Sugarloaf parking lot all the way to Hood Mountain parking lot.

We have named the beautiful ridge we reached which was our destination today as View Ridge, because it has spectacular views of so much: San Francisco Bay, Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, and the McCormick addition to the park. Red Hill had been previously renamed Buddha Point because of a figurine Buddha placed among the rocks at the peak.

The photos below were taken by Reenie and Bob.

In the photo below, our destination, the beautiful ridge, is in the far distance. A zoom-in shows a tree stump. We hiked about 5 miles to get there.

At View Ridge. Reenie next to a tree stump, Mt. St. Helena in background.

View Ridge view of Buddha Point.

Bob on trail to View Ridge and Bob at tree stump on View Ridge.

On top of View Ridge, looking towards Bald Mountain and Sugarloaf State Park

Two more views from the ridge, the Red Barn in one direction, Napa Valley in another.

A panorama from View Ridge, including Mt. St. Helena.

Another panorama, including San Francisco and the Bay.

A crow watches out for us on the ridge.

Some flowers on the path as we returned: Veronicas.

Labeled view of Buddha Point from earlier trip Bob made on February 9, 2018 to View Ridge.

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