Fort Bragg, California: Roadtrip to see gardens and coast
May 14 - 16, 2018
Bob and Shirley

Day 1: May 14 (Monday), Santa Rosa to Fort Bragg, California:

View of shoreline from Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens - 00016
Bob talks to and feeds part of his turkey sandwich to seagull - 00019

We drove up Hwy 101 to Hwy 20, going through Willits to Ft. Bragg, stopping at an odd Solar Living Center in Hopland along the way.

Hwy 20 is a winding road that includes redwood forests and is fun to drive. Just a couple of miles before Hwy 20 ends at Hwy 1, there is the largest succulent nursery in California, if not the US, Simply Succulent: 35,000 plants. A favorite place to stop.

After Shirley found a couple of must-have succulents, we drove the short distance to our favorite motel in Ft. Bragg, the Columbi, which is quiet and pleasant.

After checking into the Columbi, we drove over to the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, where we spent the afternoon walking through the gardens and along the coast.

Day 2: May 15 (Tuesday), Mendocino:

California coast and birds near Mendocino - 00021
Shirley feeds raven and seagull - 00022
Mendocino Beach - 00025
More raven conversation in Mendocino - 00028
Shirley talks to raven - 00029
Raven uses 3 very different voices - 00031

Today we drove down to the town of Mendocino, stopping along the coast on the way. It was of course necessary to feed ravens that came calling at our stops.

As the first photo below shows, we saw a surprising sculpture of a lady lifting a large block out of the ocean. The second photo gives more context to the location.

Once in the town of Mendocino we soon found the staircase leading down to the beach, which we had pretty much to ourselves, although there were a couple of surfers and one seal who checked us out:

After the beach, we wandered around Mendocino, checking out gardens, art studios, outdoor sculptures. We enjoyed a beautiful day and saw a bar sign we much enjoyed.

And Shirley found a particular shoe which she much enjoyed.

Eating lunch outdoors in the afternoon, of course we attracted a raven leading to the photos below and this haiku verse by Shirley:

Bob likes the raven
Cawing near the table top
Bread crumbs make them friends.

After we and the crow had eaten, Shirley and I continued to look at the beautiful Mendocino yard gardens.

Day 3: May 16 (Wednesday), Ft. Bragg to Bodega Bay to home:

Harbor Seals near Goat Rock Beach
Kite Riding near Goat Rock Beach

Our final day of the trip. We both decided we needed to come back to visit the area for a week in the future. Today we checked out of our motel, then headed straight over to glass beach in Fort Bragg.

Next took Hwy 1, occasionally stopping along the shore including near Jenner at Goat Rock beach, all the way to Bodega Head where of course we stopped at Spud Point Crab Company and got the best crab sandwiches and clam chowder there are.

As we approached Goat Rock beach we were treated to the sight of guys riding kites.

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