San Francisco Holidays
December 19 - 22, 2016

Bob and Shirley

Day by Day Narrative and Photos

Day 1, Monday, December 19

Had a nice drive from Santa Rosa to San Francisco on a sunny, cloudless day. Our entire visit was beautiful weather, although relatively cool (ok, for those of you in the Midwest hot by your standards) - low 40's to mid 50's.

Rather than go straight to our motel, the Geary Parkway Motel, we did what had to be done first. We picked up a dozen sesame seed balls at the TC Pastry shop on Irving Street. They make the best ones we have found, and we have tried them many places. We had to pick up a dozen because we were going to be visiting Rob and Marian that night and needed 3 apiece.

Sadly, Shirley asked Bob to walk the sesame seed balls back to the car while she checked out a little shop. That left 9 sesame seed balls in the car. Amazing how fast those things evaporate.

After visiting various shops on Irving, it was time for lunch, so we ate, as usual, at Marnee Thai restaurant, ordering only some appetizers, given that Bob was not hungry, for some reason. This is our favorite Thai restaurant. Wonderful food, service, atmosphere and also freshly cut orchids on every table.

We then visited a wonderful supermarket that has this great live fish area. People pick out their favorite live fish from the tank, then the supermarket guy pulls it out and slams its head with a hammer to kill it, then filets it. Did that make you squirm? How do you think the poor fish feel?

Next we drove to our motel to check in. Having picked hundreds of Japanese persimmons in their neighborhood, we had brought a small box with us to San Francisco. It became clear we were not going to get them eaten, given all the other good food available. So Bob asked the motel manager if he would like a couple (and then a few more the next day), which he did.

That evening we decided to order carry out from Marnee Thai and eat at Marian and Rob's because Rob had sprained his ankle to the point he needed a cane, so we wanted to avoid needless walking. We also brought them some persimmons.

Day 2, Tuesday, December 20

Look what you can build with "hundreds of pounds of sugar", if you are a really, really talented chef:


Day 3, Wednesday, December 21

Day 4, Thursday, December 22


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