Road Trip From Florida to California
December, 1974
Bob and Meg
Bob and Meg (with Moby the cat) travel from Key West, Florida to Berkeley, California

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The first picture below confirms that I was in Key West with Moby the cat, being held here by my Grandmother (on my mother's side). Moby does not have a tail because it got cut off when a door slammed on it. I would visit there during Christmas. This photo, like all the rest of the photos on this page, is dated on the back as January, 1975. Apparently, during December, 1974 I drove out to California with Meg and Moby, then immediately went on a hike in Yosemite with Meg, Bill and Julie (see Bob, Meg, Bill, Julie Yosemite Trip - all of which pictures are also dated January, 1975).

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