Working in Freiburg, Germany
Hitchhiking Through Europe
Bob and Jenny

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After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, in December, 1971 and working a few months to save money, Bob flew to England, hitchhiked through Scotland, then went to Germany, settling and working as a laborer in Freiburg in order to save more money.

In the fall of 1972 Jenny came to Germany and she and Bob then hitchhiked (plus one Hungarian train ride and ferry rides in the Aegean) through Europe, going as far south as Greece and islands in the Mediterranean, then hitching back up through Italy and to Bern, Switzerland before returning to the United States.

This account is based on letters Bob mailed to his Grandmother which were obtained, saved and passed on to Bob by his sister Meg. In addition, Jenny (now Jennifer), has contributed memories, editing, and other content.

Bob's letters are attached. The map below, based on those letters, depicts the probable, approximate route Jenny and Bob traveled through Europe (this is a 1972 map). Below the map is a current picture of Alemannenstrasse 78, Freiburg, Germany, the address where Bob lived while in Freiburg.

First letter

This first letter, written on June 10, 1972, provides a description of Freiburg and also includes a description of what it was like working as a laborer in Freiburg:

Here is the letter.

Second letter

This second letter, probably written on August 16, 1972 based on an envelope postmark and the order of the letter, includes:

Here is the letter.

Third letter

This third letter, probably written on September 14, 1972 based on an envelope postmark and the order of the letter, includes:

Here is the letter.

Fourth letter

This is the last letter written from Europe (and mentions a previous letter written from Vienna which Bob no longer has). The letter begins to be written while Jenny and Bob are on a ferry going to a Greek island and is eventually mailed from Bern, Switzerland.

Here is the letter.

Letters Before Leaving For Europe

In the months prior to leaving for Europe, Bob wrote letters to his sister Meg, which occasionally mentioned the trip to come. Most of the content of these letters had nothing to do with the trip and hence the letters are not included here. However, here are comments from three of the letters.