Reasons To Oppose Kennel

January 27, 2014

  1. Noise Issues of Dogs Barking Will Directly Impact 4 Nearby Oakmont Neighborhoods With a Total of 207 Homes Plus Other Homes Along Richard's Road. Oakmont Neighborhoods: Mesa Oaks: 40 homes; Meadowridge: 29 homes; Quail Run: 61 homes; Aspen Meadows Circle: 77 homes, plus all the surrounding homeowners in the county, directly adjacent to Meadows Kennel and along Richard's Road. Many letters of opposition from Homeowner Boards, plus individuals are in the project file.

  2. Traffic Safety Will Be Compromised On Heavily Traveled Route 12 With Increased Traffic From a 35-Dog Kennel. A traffic study comissioned by opponets to the kennel shows that traffic will be an issue.

  3. Property Values of Nearby Homes Will Be Negatively Impacted. Both McBride and Century 21 agents said that a neaby kennel would have to be disclosed under California property laws. The Calif. Dept of Real Estate confirmed this in a follow-up phone call.

  4. Oakmont Supporters of The Kennel DO NOT Live Near It! Oakmont letters of support to the Board of Zoning Appeals were analyzed. Results showed that 3 supporters lived within 3/4 mile, everyone else lived 1 to 2 miles away. It's easy to support a dog kennel if you don't have to live near it!

  5. An Expanded Kennel Operation Does Not Belong In This Mainly Residential Setting. Santa Rosa City jurisdiction, just across Highway 12 from this kennel, requires that commercial kennels be placed in Industrial Zoning.

  6. There Will Be No Effective Remedies For Barking Dog Issues. Sound meter measurement cannot capture a problem after the fact. Dog barking is intermittent and annoying even if it does not reach a threshold decibel reading. Furthermore, dog barking is easily heard and clearly audible over the white noise hum of roadway traffic.

  7. Twenty Dogs Will Be Allowed Outside At A Time--7 Days A Week, From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. That is all day long. This is overwhelming--with no peace and quiet in yards, gardens, and our homes if we open our windows.

  8. County Planning Expressly Forbids Commercial Kennels Along the Scenic Corridor On Route 116 in Sebastapol (Policy LU-17q, Resolution #10-0473) --Why Is Our Scenic Corridor, Which Would Have to Accomodate This Large Commercial Kennel, Any Less Important? In fact, the Eastern Route 12 Scenic Corridor is some of the most heavily traveled roadway in the area, especially for wine tourism.

  9. If Approved, this Kennel Expansion Sets Precedent That Commercial Development Is Acceptable in Areas Considered "Diverse Agriculture" and Primarily Residential In Nature. How long before the vineyards give way to Wal-Marts?

  10. This Kennel is a Convenience, Not a Necessity--Detrimental Effects Are Real to Nearby Homeowners. Those opposed to this kennel have drawn up a list showing other nearby boarding kennels. We all love dogs, we just don't want a kennel as our next-door neighbor. We believe it will be detrimental to our "health, safety, peace,comfort and general welfare."

  11. Applicant Heidi Niemann, Owner of The Meadows Kennel, Was Found Non-Compliant With a Number of Issues Regarding the Present 10-Dog Daycare Kennel. What would happen with a 35-dog kennel open 7 days a week and for overnight boarding?

  12. Our Online Petition to Stop the Meadows Kennel 35 Dog Expansion Rapidly Achieved 239 Signature as Opposed To A Petition Supporting the Kennel With Only 164 Signatures. Google: Stop Meadows Kennel and one of the first results will be the neighborhood petition.

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Compiled and Researched by Concerned Oakmont Residents and County Residents

Reported by Shirley Phillips

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