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Boards Of Three More Large Neighborhoods Endorse Carbery:
Nottingham Forest South, Willow Bend, and Creekside

March 15, 2003

The Boards of three additional, major neighborhoods in Ward 6 have now endorsed Dan Carbery for the Overland Park City Council seat. This means that 9 boards containing 12 neighborhoods with over 2,350 households are recommending to their members that they support Dan Carbery.

NeighborhoodNet estimates that there are more than 3,050 registered Ward 6 voters in these neighborhoods. That represents more than 22% of the 13,695 registered voters as listed by the Johnson County Election Office.

Urge Your Neighborhood Association Board To Endorse Carbery

If you live in a neighborhood with an association, NeighborhoodNet urges you to ask your Board to endorse Dan Carbery and recommend to its members that they vote for Dan Carbery on April 1. Dan Carbery will be open to resident and neighborhood input as the Overland Park City Council attempts to manage growth within Ward 6. He is a Civil Engineer who will be able to understand and help resolve the issues related to flood control, traffic, and the myriad of other subjects that come before the City Council.

Carbery Funded By Ward 6 Residents; Williams By Development Special Interests

Here is a good indication of why a Board should endorse Dan Carbery:

Dan Carbery received 95% of his funding from individuals who live within Ward 6. Dan Carbery's opponent, Ron Williams, received more than 90% of his funding from development special interests and those affiliated with them. More than 90% of Williams' funds came from individuals and businesses outside of Overland Park, based on the candidates' financial filings provided by Johnson County Election Office. These concerns contributed no money to Dan Carbery. (See Funding Reports for Ron Williams and Dan Carbery

It is clear that the development community believes Ron Williams will best represent their interests as they push for re-zonings, destruction of neighborhoods (see NeighborhoodNet articles on proposed destruction of Steck Plantation neighborhood, for instance), environmental destruction (see NeighborhoodNet article on Target's wetland destruction), and deviations from the Master Plan.

It is equally clear that Dan Carbery is the person who will best represent the interests of people who actually live in Ward 6 and who want appropriate commercial and residential development that will fit with the community. In fact, Carbery's campaign took off after 30 citizens who had been involved with neighborhood issues over the last decade invited all four Primary candidates to a forum in which they were questioned for 90 minutes. They then left and all 30 citizens decided to endorse a single candidate and that candidate was Dan Carbery.

Carbery Won The Primary Although Outspent 3 to 1

Although Dan Carbery was outspent over 3 to 1 in the Primary campaign, he won that 3 way race with 48% of the vote. Ron Williams won 27%. Dan Stock came in third with 22% (he largely funded his own campaign and also did not receive developer support). Dan Stock has since thrown his support to Dan Carbery, as did DeWayne Bridges, when he pulled out of the Primary campaign.

It is the grass roots strength of Dan Carbery's support, which is being reflected in the willingness of many, many volunteers to campaign door to door and in the endorsements of neighborhood association after association that is credited with Carbery's Primary victory over the moneyed interests.

Association Boards Endorsing Carbery

The following Boards (multiple neighborhoods in parentheses) have now endorsed Dan Carbery:

  • Creekside (Creekside, Creekside North)
  • Willow Bend
  • Nottingham Forest South
  • Brittany Park
  • Regency By The Lake
  • Kingston Park (Kingston By The Lake, Kingston Park)
  • Southern Oaks
  • Switzer Lake/Oxford Pointe
  • Blue Valley Riding

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