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Dan Carbery Endorsed By Neighbors
After OP Ward 6 Candidate Forum

February 1, 2003

Neighbors from across Ward 6 invited the 4 candidates running for the new two year Overland Park, KS, City Council seat to a candidate forum. The primary for that election is set for February 25. Advance primary balloting begins February 5th. It is a non-partisan primary, so the two top vote getters will face off in the election on April 1 without regard to party affiliation.

The organizers and audience thank the candidates for coming to the forum and answering questions. The forum was organized on short notice and the candidates' participation was much appreciated.

The forum consisted of the candidates answering questions from the moderator, Jim Riggs, and from the audience. It lasted over an hour and a half. After the forum was over, candidates left and the neighbors remained to discuss how they all felt about the candidates.

Carbery The Choice By Wide Majority, But Strong Sentiment For Bridges

After much discussion in which each person in attendance voiced an opinion, the vote was a wide majority in favor of Dan Carbery as the candidate behind which residents and neighbors should unite. Both before and after the vote, everyone agreed that the most effective way for residents to get representation on the City Council would be to unite behind a single candidate. Dan Carbery is that candidate.

There was very strong sentiment, even by most of those who voted for one of the other candidates, that Dewayne Bridges probably best understood what it was like to deal with the Overland Park City government from a neighborhood perspective. Over and over again the statement was made that Dewayne "had heart". He is President of Kingston Lakes subdivision and has led the fight against the Target that Overland Park is letting into Stanley near 151st and Antioch. He is in the construction industry himself and so understands that side of things better than most. He is spearheading the lawsuit currently being brought against Overland Park because of its decision on Target. There was just no question that he would know where citizens were coming from.

However, it was felt that Dan Carbery would make a more effective City Council member and was more electable. He too made it clear that he would support his constituents over development interests. Dan is a Civil Engineer who works for Black & Veatch. He focused on the fact that he would understand the engineering studies being submitted by developers. The flawed studies and Overland Park's unwillingness to recognize the flaws is a sore point with virtually every neighborhood which has fought inappropriate development before the Overland Park governing body. He also strongly supported adherence to the Master Plan, although with caveats that there could be reasons to make changes.

Dan Stock - Box Stores Are The Future

Dan Stock expressed his opinion that box stores were inevitable and the fact that the Overland Park City Council had its hands legally tied in trying to do anything about it. Most of the audience was fully aware that judicial decisions say that local governments have wide latitude in making their decisions, so long as certain basic criteria are met. The audience felt it is the choice of the Overland Park City Council members to manage development the way they have. Other municipalities have made other and better choices.

Dan Stock emphasized that he was fortunate enough to have been able to retire early and hence he could devote full time to the job of City Council member.

Ron Williams - Candidate Of The Status Quo

Ron Williams was perceived by the audience as the candidate of the current establishment and in particular has very close ties to the Chamber of Commerce. He was pleasant and well spoken. One of his most interesting comments was that there would not be many more box stores because the City Council did not want to deal with the controversy. There was serious doubt within the audience that this was correct. He was perceived as someone who more closely represented the views associated with the current establishment and development interests. He was the most articulate speaker of the four.

Good Attendance On Short Notice

Even though there was such short notice, over 30 people attended and all four candidates agreed to participate.

Residents of neighborhoods from Green Meadows on the east border of Ward 6 to Morse on the west and from Blue Valley riding on the southern border to Nottingham forest on the north attended. In fact, one attendee was from Antioch Farms near 193rd street in Stilwell. Anyone near the border of Overland Park, which extends far south with the recent annexation, has a vested interest in the make-up of the City Council. There were many people who wanted to attend, but were simply unable to because of prior commitments.

The Next Meeting Is This Sunday

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 2, at 4 pm a meeting with Dan Carbery has been arranged for this Sunday at the Nottingham Club House at 8700 W 139th Street. We intend to ask Dan some much more detailed, neighborhood specific questions and work on organizing the campaign.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dan and in being involved in this grass roots campaign to elect Dan Carbery to the Overland Park City Council please feel free to attend. Also, if you wish to volunteer, please contact as soon as possible:

Bob Phillips -

The establishment, business as usual candidates are going to be very well funded and run strong campaigns. We, however, are fighting for residential interests and, if we can get out the vote, will win.

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