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Over 5,000 Children In School, Over 1,000 Teenage Drivers
On 2 Lane Roads Surrounding Proposed Intense Commercial Development

September 5, 2002

Jean Prouty and Sandy Hall, using data gathered from schools, day care centers, and the County, have now demonstrated just how many children are mixed into the horrible traffic situation that would surround the proposed development at 159th and Metcalf in Johnson County, KS. The proposed development is on land designated by the Master Plan entirely for residential development.

It turns out it is not just the residents who depended on the Master Plan, which was developed jointly by Johnson County and Overland Park. Apparently the Blue Valley School District and day care centers also assumed the Master Plan could be trusted when it designated 159th as a non-commercial corridor and kept 3 corners of 159th/Metcalf lower intensity retail shopping and the 4 corner all residential.

So now we have:

  • 6 Schools within a mile and a half
  • 1000 Teenage Drivers
  • 2 Highschools sharing each others fields with kids driving back and forth
  • 4,771 kids in school
  • 264 kids in daycare
  • 25 buses through the Metcalf/159th intersection 100 times daily

And all of this along 2 lane roads not slated for improvement.

Following this image is the detailed study. Click on the image for a larger picture.

RE: 159th and Metcalf rezoning

Date: September 1, 2002

From: Sandy Hall, Jean Prouty, members SE Tract Committee

6833 West 163rd Terrace

Stilwell, KS 66085



Children, Schools and Busses:

    There are 6 schools that utilize this intersection on a daily basis.  Sergeant Medelin with the Safety and Security Department of the Blue Valley School District estimates that 1300 parking permits will be issued this school year at Blue Valley High and Blue Valley West alone.  The bulk of those have already been given out.  Of the 1300 approximately 1000 are teenage drivers.  The other 300 are staff.


    Currently 4,771 students attend the six schools that utilize this intersection.  A new elementary school is set in motion to open adjacent to Blue Valley West in the fall of 2004. Two daycare facilities for small children with a combined population of 264 and numerous private daycare facilities located within homes exist in the area. All of these, daycare businesses and 6 schools (soon to be 7) are within one and one half miles of this intersection.


    Blue Valley High          1075

    Blue Valley West         1275

    Blue Valley Middle         530

    Pleasant Ridge Middle    711

    Blue River Elementary    620    

    Stanley Elementary        560


            Total students        4771  


Blue Valley West and Blue Valley High are unique in that they share athletic fields.  Home football games for BVW and BVH are both played at BV High. Conversely home soccer games are played at BVWest for both schools.  This creates more use of this intersection by teenage drivers. When softball begins in late February and continuing until May there will be 36 to 40 young teenage girls traveling from BVHigh daily through this intersection on their way to and from practice at Miller's Woods. They will also use Miller's Woods for games.


Pedestrians from Blue Valley High, Stanley Elementary, Blue River Elementary and Blue Valley Middle find crossing 159th a challenge. They often resort to darting out at unsafe locations to get across.  One BVHigh student was actually hit by a teenage driver this last school year.  


The Blue Valley School District contracts with Laidlaw for the transport of school children to and from school and within schools during the day.  Twenty five busses pass through the intersection of 159th and Metcalf a minimum of 100 times each day.  We can see the pattern that because this intersection is between two high schools and so close in proximity to 6 schools it has a large volume of children passing through it regularly. 


The casualties will not be the wary, careful adults it will be the children.

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