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Developers Present Modified Plan For SE Corner 159th/Metcalf
Neighborhoods Are Studying Proposal

August 17, 2002

On Saturday, Aug 17, 2002, developer Jack Epps and Planner Andy Schlagel met with representatives of neighborhoods near the proposed development on the SE Corner of 159th & Metcalf in Johnson County, KS, to unveil tentative modifications to their plan for a 31-acre commercial retail development. Neighborhood representatives will meet this week to discuss the proposed changes and issue a statement.

Here are the proposed changes:

  1. The two big-box stores would be rotated and reduced in size. One store is now estimated to be at 85,000 sq. ft with the other at an estimated 50,000 sq. ft--a 14,000 sq. ft. retail connector space would connect the two stores. So the total square footage for this building is decreased 37%: from 236,500 sq ft to 149,000 sq ft. (See original draft plan.) When asked if the heights of the buildings have changed, Jack Epps did not commit to any reduced size in the building heights.

  2. A series of 6, one-story, four-plex units would be built on a small strip of approximately 3 acres (about 10% of the 31 acres) directly next to Blue Valley Riding Neighborhood. The four-plexes are envisioned as units a retiree would buy, somewhere in the price range of $150,000-$250,000. The density of these units appears to be 8 units per acre. There are no buffers.

(Click on image for larger picture)

  1. A wider road of 36 feet (a "collector" status designation) would run directly west in front of the four-plexes from 159th street and stubb (end--until future development warrants) at the proposal's south boundary. The unveiled plans envision this collector street to continue across the undeveloped 40-acre Turner tract to the south--and then turning to the west to become an intersection with signal at 161st street.

  2. There would be no change in the pad sites (4 buildings) proposed along Metcalf; one pad site (building) is eliminated to the far east along 159th street, with 3 buildings remaining along 159th.

  3. The storm water runoff detention basin is still the same size but has a different shape. It still directly abuts Blue Valley Riding Neighborhood.

  4. The request for this 31-acre tract to be designated PRB-3 zoning (the most intense commercial zoning allowed in Johnson County) has NOT changed--even with the proposed addition of a small strip for transition residential.

  5. One of the three entrances to the store along 159th street has been eliminated. This has been reduced to two--with a traffic signal suggested for the 159th street entrance nearest to Riggs Road.

  6. Andy Schlagel stated that whatever is done to the SE corner "sets patterns into play for future development on the Turner Property."

For more background on this subject see Topic SE 159th & Metcalf . --Reported Aug. 17, 2002
By Bob and Shirley Phillips
Digital Photo taken by Jim Swallow, editted by Bob

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