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Source Of Bad Development Decisions Exposed:
Greg Musil Pinpoints Problem

July 22, 2002

Greg Musil, former President of the Overland Park City Council and the attorney representing Extreme Ford, in off-camera statements to Fox 4 news, has been able to put to rest a vexing question:

"Why would Overland Park approve putting a toxic pollution source right next to a residential neighborhood?"

The average citizen thought it might be put there for these reasons:

  • "It is being put there so Extreme Ford could make money."

  • "It is being put there because the Overland Park Planning Commission approved it without considering the health and welfare of the residents".

  • "It is being put there because the City Council refuses to correct its zoning mistakes."

All of these excuses had been dismissed after careful consideration by attorney Greg.

So Greg went back to the drawing board.

Finally, Greg made his intellectual breakthrough, and revealed the solution:

The reason Extreme Ford is putting its autobody paintshop with its toxic emissions next to a neighborhood is because of the Johnson County South Coalition and other meddling citizens. If these people would just mind their own business and stay out of development decisions, Extreme Ford would not be forced to poison Regency by the Lake neighborhood.

In yet another intellectual breakthrough, the developer who wants to turn 31 acres of residential property into intense commercial zoning at 159th and Metcalf, has now clarified the source of that problem - the residents of the abutting neighborhoods:

If they had not bought homes right next to an empty lot and had not believed the assurances of the Master Plan, then there would be no fuss about the rezoning.

Citizens throughout Johnson County are relieved that the cause of poor development decisions has been identified and that it is not the developers or the elected officials who are the problem, but instead the residents themselves.

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