July 3, 2002


To Whom It May Concern:


Enclosed with this letter are the signed protest petition forms for properties comprising the protest area for Application Nos. OX-PRB3-2284, Rezoning and OX-PDP-2285,  Preliminary Development Plan approval for a Retail Shopping Center in the vicinity of the South East corner of W 159th Street and Metcalf Avenue.  This Application is currently pending before the Board Of County Commissioners of Johnson County, Kansas.  Owners of more than 32% of the eligible protest area have signed and submitted petitions.


Land Use Attorney, Douglas J. Patterson, The Patterson Law Group, PLC (4601 College Blvd., Suite 200, Leawood, KS 66211 913 663-1300), reviewed this petition and determined that it complied with State and County laws and guidelines.


The title list provided by Assured Quality Title Company was used as the basis for identifying property owners within the 1,000 foot notification area.  This list was verified against names shown on property Deeds to ensure accuracy.  In some instances there were discrepancies between names listed on the title list versus names or name variations on the property Deed.  In these cases, the Deed was used as the final authority.


Summary of Protest Area


The total square footage of the protest area as provided by the Johnson County Department of  Planning, Development, and Codes  is 6,618,946.95 square feet.


The following figures of square footage of properties included in these petitions are provided by Johnson County AIMS on-line GIS system:


1.  Properties wholly within the protest area, 70 properties                1,973,703.6    square feet                        29.819% of protest area

     (square footage directly from AIMS)


2.  Properties partially within protest area, 8 properties                 168,294.06    square feet                    2.543% of protest area

     (total square footage of these properties

     was provided by AIMS, but square footage

     within protest area was estimated)


Grand Estimated Total Square Footage of Protest Petitions                2,141,997.66    square feet                  32.362% of protest area


We would like to thank the Johnson County Department of  Planning, Development, and Codes; the Legal Department; and AIMS for their assistance in fulfilling the legal requirements of this protest petition.





Jim Swallow, Chair, Neighborhoods SE Tract Committee

15912 Riggs Road

Stilwell, KS 66085



Bob Phillips, Coordinator, Protest Petition Committee

16315 Dearborn Drive

Stilwell, KS 66085