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Update On 151st St Corridor Study
Secretary Of Regency By The Lake Reports From Planning Commission

March 28, 2002

Joe Donnelly, Secretary of the Regency by the Lake Homeowners Association, attended the Overland Park Planning Commission meeting that considered the 151st Street Corridor project. Regency by the Lake is currently fighting a development proposal to re-zone land directly behind them on Metcalf to accomodate an autobody repair shop, used car sales, etc. The developers are represented by Greg Musil who is mentioned below.

The recommendation of mixed use as defined to Joe seemed to him to be "livable", assuming that the definition given was held to. The Commission refused to extend the project scope a bit up Metcalf, as Joe suggested:

"Just wanted to update you all on the Planning Commission meeting I attended yesterday regarding the 151st St. Corridor project.  I spoke with Rick about this in detail last night but I just wanted you all to be aware of what took place.

The commission approved the project as a "mixed use" area. I asked for clarification on mixed use and the planning staff informed me that mixed use would only entail small retail, office or loft apartments.  This mixed use area only includes the tract of land that would be west of Lamar.  The land east of Lamar can only be single family attached homes.  The commission agreed that there is just not any room on this tract of land to develop anything else.  I looked at this tract of land last night and I am concerned that any development is going to butt up right next to the homes on Horton.  Also, all of the current plans are requiring a berming to be done where ever it backs to residential. 

The buildings for the mixed use can only have a footprint no larger than 20,000 sq. ft. and be no taller than 2 stories where it backs to residential; no more than 3 stories if it does not back to residential. The 3 stories would probably only be on the south of 151st.  A commissioner named David White [see article 1 and article 2 on Dave White controversial statements] chaired the committee to oversee this master planning so if we have any further questions or concerns I am sure we could address them with him.  It was mentioned by the commission that they are attempting to do something new and different with this plan in terms of creating the small downtown feel to the Stanley area and to add the loft apartments.  After seeing the discussion that took place with the commission regarding the "mixed use" subject I don't think there is any way this area will change to strictly residential because the commission feels that there is already plenty of residential in this particular area.  Also Lamar is as far as they intend to go with the mixed use.

I understand that Mark Neighbor is the land owner and Greg Musil was not there representing him.  Greg did walk in after I was leaving but the discussion on 151st was completed by the time he got there.

I did request/ask that the 21 acres of Balderston's be included and was rejected on that idea when the committee discussed it with a response of something like "if we included that area then this would the 151st & Metcalf corridor and it would be going too far north".  So needless to say if we want that to happen it appears it will be a fight.

I spoke with a couple of my neighbors on 150th St. last night and informed them about the meeting and they all seem to be ok with the mixed use, however we all know how these proposals and ideas tend to change so we will definitely need to keep monitoring this area.  Overall, I think if the current proposal which was adopted by the commission yesterday goes through it might be something we can live with depending on what they do with berming and how far the structures will sit back off of 151st towards RBL.  My biggest concern is what they put on the acreage east of Lamar as that may be right next to the homes on Horton.

If you all have any questions regarding this let me know otherwise I will fill you all in further if necessary at our next meeting.  I will be happy to host the next board meeting and perhaps we can all take a look at the land then.


Joe Donnelly"

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