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Rezoning Process Begins Across From Wal-Mart
Developer Flyers Neighbors Near SE Corner Of 159th & Metcalf

March 11, 2002

On Monday evening Andy Schlagel, who also handled Wal-Mart, taped notices to mailboxes of neighbors who live near the southeast corner of 159th and Metcalf. The flyers stated:

PURPOSE: To learn about and discuss development plans for the Southeast corner of 159th and Metcalf.
WHEN: Thursday, March 14, 2002, 7:00 - 8:00
WHERE: Blue Valley Service Center (formerly Blue Valley Middle School), 7500 W. 149th Terrace, Overland Park, Kansas

All neighbors are invited to attend.

In addition, selected neighbors found this handwritten note from the attorney, Jack Epps, and Andy:

Hello-Andy Schlagel and I would like to personally meet with you to discuss the development plans. We will drop by tomorrow evening and see if you're available. If you would like to schedule another time to meet, please call me at 913/338/7700 Thanks! Jack Epps

One neighbor who spoke with the person taping the flyers to mailbox's reports:

"I talked to this guy for a short time, and the gist of the conversation was that they want to discuss re-zoning the SE corner of 159th and Metcalf from AG to commercial. I asked what their intention was with this re-zoning. He said that he has a client who has an offer to purchase this property from the Catholic Foundation, and they want to develop it into a shopping and restaurant development. No specific details beyond that."

This sort of approach is standard operating procedure when developers attempt to get re-zonings, which usually, if not always, are attempts to get more concentrated, commercial development for a property. See this article for a description of other standard tactics.

Neighborhood reaction so far is that it is appropriate to engage neighborhoods in these development discussions, but inappropriate to give a couple of days notice for something so important and particularly innappropriate to schedule the meeting the first day students get off for Spring Break when many families are taking trips and vacations. This insensitivity also has been found to be all too typical of developers when they schedule meetings.

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