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Update On Wal-Mart
New Regulations May Not Apply; Underground Springs On Property

February 5, 2002

The following update on the Wal-Mart at 159th and Metcalf in Overland Park comes from Sandy Hall, a nearby resident and a member of the Johnson County South Coalition. A friend of mine who is familiar with such things believes that underground springs such as those which apparently have been found on the Wal-Mart property, present a solvable engineering problem.

"Here is an update on Wal-mart. The City and Corp. of Engineers have not had any contact with Wal-Mart. Corp. of Engineers said they are probably drawing up plans. The new regulation that President Bush has proposed does not take into effect until March 18th. Mr. Berka said that heís not sure that the new proposed regulations will apply to the State of Missouri or Kansas. In his opinion this new regulations will not impact on this project.

The rumor is that Wal-mart is trying to find the correct foundation for the building since they have found underground springs. A friend of mine was at a meeting with Mayor Eilert and mentioned the Wal-mart and why the people out here do not trust anything OP has to say. My friend went into detail about Schlaegelís deal with Steck Plantation. [Some of the residents who signed the first time were persuaded not to sign a second Legal Protest Petition after the landowner's planner persuaded them their land would be worth a lot of money if Wal-Mart came in.] The Mayor was aware of it and said they have no control over that. The Mayor was not aware about the Catholic Foundation deal [the Catholic Foundation, which also signed the first time, backed out of signing the petition the second time around after a buyer suddenly appeared in the crucial two week time period, stipulating that the protest petition not be signed] and seemed surprised.

The following is not a rumor. I have visited with Leslie Karr, which is the Planner in charge of the Super Target. Target wants to move out in the Stanley area. With Overland Park policy of not giving out details, unless you ask specifically they donít give you an answer. They have looked at the land across the street from Wal-Mart and other areas. The land across the Street from Wal-Mart NE corner of 159th and Metcalf is zoned CP-1 (which is Junior department store of 100,000 sq. ft. or smaller). The Catholic Foundation has not been annexate to Overland Park."

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