March 14, 2002


Jack M. Epps
7500 College Blvd
Shawnee Mission, KS 66210-1855
Phone: 913-338-7700


Dear Mr. Epps:


You recently left flyers announcing a neighborhood meeting for Thursday night, March 14,  to discuss your development ideas for the SE corner of 159th and Metcalf.  You left these flyers on Monday night in Blue Valley Riding and on Tuesday night in Willowbend and Steck Plantation neighborhoods.


Although we appreciate your attempt to schedule a meeting, there are several aspects of this attempt that were unacceptable:


1.  You reserved the room on February 6 for a March 14 meeting, but waited until 5 weeks later,  the evening of March 11, to tape the first notices to mailboxes.  Giving 2 to 3 days notice is a poor first gesture to begin neighborhood communications;


2.  You scheduled the meeting on the first day of Spring break, when many families are taking vacation;


3.  You called this a "Neighborhood Meeting" without identifying yourself as the organizer of the meeting, leaving many with the impression this was sponsored by neighborhoods.  We have been largely able to correct that misimpression.


We understand you are proposing:


  • Rezoning 30+ acres,  now Master Planned for residential use, to the heaviest retail commercial in Johnson County:  PRB-3
  • A total of over 240,000 square feet of development including a 175,000 sq. ft. big box store
  • Parking lots with spaces for well over 900 cars
  • Placing this development right next to residential neighborhoods


Given the magnitude of what you are proposing, far more neighbors than just the few people within 1,000 feet of the development need to be informed of your plans.  We will help you to do so.  We look forward to working with you to re-schedule your meeting.




Dick Blaisdell,                                                              Gayle Schloemer

President, Wynnefield                                                       President, Blue Valley Riding


Greg Lundstrom                                                        Jeff Svilarich                                              

Board/Corporate Affairs, Brittany Park                President, Willowbend


Mary Pennington                                                        Bret Pilney

President, Green Meadows                                             President, Creekside


Bob Willey

President, Sylvan Lake